Monday, December 31

End of 2007

Wow have we got alot to say for this year! 2007 has been good to the Spence House as I hope it has been to you and your family. We have laughed, cried, played and gone a little bit more nuts. All in all it was a good year. Lots of it is on the blog already. Will celebrated his 1st birthday, lots of fun and good times with the family, Jake turned 3, both the boys went to Mother's Day Out, James turned 35 with a bang!, my mom moved in next door, it was the best Halloween ever, we celebrated the birth of our first baby girl Alaina Claire, we had an awesome Christmas and I turned 30!! WOW what a year. We have lots and lots of good, bad and indifferent memories of 2007, each just as special as the first. We can't wait to see what 2008 has in store for us. We do know that we are blessed to be together as a family and relish in all of the wonderful things our kids teach and show us every day. Thank you God for that!

As for resolutions---I'm not really big on them but here are a few I've come up with:

1. patience--it is a virtue and one I wasn't blessed with much of--so more patience in 2008
2. cook dinner more often
3. finish Jake's 1st year scrapbook
4. start on Will's 1st year scrapbook (hehe)
5. spend more time with my hubby alone (don't laugh--this is like 0 right now so anything is better than nothing even if it is 5 minutes)

6. volunteer my time (don't ask how--I'm just gonna do it)

7. Actually keep up with/write down the 1st year things Alaina Claire does (poor Will)
8. Exercise
9. Prioritize my time during the day to be able to enjoy my time with my children
10. Take my Southern Living at HOME business to the next level

That is it for me--as I look at them--that is an awful lot to strive for---but I am pretty sure I am up for the challenge this year. I will be coming back to this to check in on myself periodically as I am so sure I will forget half of these as soon as I post. =)

Many blessings to all of you in 2008!!

I'm baaaack!

Yep that's right folks. I'm back on the blogging map. I know it has been awhile but with the holidays and throw a newborn on top of that---what can I say?! You gotta forgive me.

So what do you think of my new blog design!! Doesn't it rock? Check out Peekaboo Greetings if you want yours to look as cool as mine does. Thank you blog fairy!!

I wanted to say a BIG thank you to everyone who has posted a comment in the past couple of weeks. There are a few of you that I was wondering if you were out there and then lo and behold---you commented!!! you know who you are AND if you are still out there and don't comment--that is what this thing is for people---post a comment--promise it won't hurt you---we would love to hear from you. =)

So I have updated some and am still working on more but be sure to go all the way back to like Dec 16th because I have added lots of stuff.

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Be safe!!

Sunday, December 30

Picnic with NiNi

My sister came in for her holiday break from college for a couple weeks now and the boys have had a blast with her. They LOVE playing with their NiNi. She has been spending as much time as she can with them because she is going to England this semester to study abroad. She won't be home until mid April!!!

Anyway, tonight they decided to all have a picnic underneath one of our end tables. They brought all their food from their kitchen under there. It was too cute and I got a picture:

Friday, December 28

2 week checkup

We took Alaina Claire for her 2 week check up today. All is well and she is doing great. She weighed 8 lbs 2 oz and was 20 1/4 inches long. (remember her birth wt/ht 7lbs 15.5 oz and 19 inches. The dr said the goal was to have gained back to her birth weight and she did that plus ~ 2 oz. Of course we are used to our aggressive eating boys who had gained 1lb 5oz by this check up. WOW!!!! That is the difference in kids and in my opinion between boys and girls. She is doing great and precious as ever. I'm quite sure she won't have any trouble catching up to them and they better watch out one day when she "grows to a big girl" as Jacob says.

Tuesday, December 25

Cart Christmas

Christmas night is always reserved for Christmas with the Carts. This is James' mom's side of the family. (for those who have been around--you know the one with 60+ people in it). We always gather at Aunt Shelia and Uncle Kenny's house they have a big open downstairs and that is where we do Christmas. Yet again I wish I had taken a picture but alas I did not. With all the gifts that everyone brings plus all the people that pile in down there it's hard to see across the room or for that matter there could be someone amidst the gifts in the middle of the room and you would never know. I had never seen anything like it until I came here for the first time. All of the kids have an awesome time because it is just mass chaos. No matter what we do every year to try to keep it organized so we know who got what and can possibly get to see the kids open gifts---it just turns into mass chaos.

So in the spirit of mass chaos there were no pictures taken of anyone opening anything. We had to have help from Lea Ann just to keep it all straight with all 3 of our kids!!

Needless to say all of our children well and Mommy and Daddy included were very blessed with Lots and lots of cool clothes and toys and other fun stuff at the Cart Christmas. Thanks everyone for always making it so special for the kids. They LOVE IT!!!

We did get one very special picture while we were there. This was the first time James' grandmother got to see Alaina Claire:

Alaina Claire with her Great Granny Gaynell

The boys did get to rough house some with their Great Uncle Phillip once some of the people cleared out and there was room to run around. You can see where he was bonking their heads together and then throwing them in the floor. What a fun uncle!!! (HAHA I am SOOOO just kidding about that he would never hurt them but that sure is what it looks like in the pictures) hee hee =)

5 down.....NONE to go---whoopee!!!!! hi ho hi ho its off to our house we go......

Christmas at Yaya and Papa's

In the afternoon we packed it up and headed over to Papa and Yaya's house to have Christmas with them and Aunt Abbey and Uncle Dustin. Yet again we got to eat before we opened gifts and Papa out did himself with a full spread for breakfast in the afternoon with YUMMY food including chocolate milk (my fave). I didn't get a picture of it but can I just tell ya under their tree looked like there were enough presents for the entire neighborhood. And this year (unfortunately) our kids were the only kids there. Amy, Riley and Brad stayed in TX and Dave and Liz celebrated with her family in MD. So it was us, Abbey & Dustin and Papa & Yaya and enough presents for 100 people. (a little exaggerated but not much--haha) Needless to say the kids racked up with all their cool clothes and toys that they got.

I think Jake got 2 favorite gifts one is a super cool dragon/dinosaur thing to go with his big T-Rex one he got for his birthday.

The other was a dinosaur "costume" if you will it was a head and two feet and when you move it roars and sounds like a dinosaur stomping--Aunt Abbey found that cool gift. He loves it!!

By far Will's favorite gift was his very own, looks really real Dirt Devil Vacuum!!! You heard it Will got his own vacuum--for those that have paid attention to the blog you will note Will LOVES to vacuum. That is the coolest gift ever for him--Thanks Papa and Yaya!!

Alaina Claire got some super cute clothes--much needed--yay!! Check her out in the background of the first picture with her little santa hat on! The boys had a blast and got to hang out with everyone and play for a good bit afterward before we headed over to Yaya's family Christmas (the Carts). All in all it was a success!! 4 down.....1 more to go.....

Aunt Abbey was holding Alaina Claire and as you can see someone was jealous

Christmas Morning

Santa did a good job this year. The boys were super excited about all of their loot. Will was so funny--he could care less about his presents or what was in his stocking--he would not leave the kitchen alone about 15 minutes later he decided to check out his other stuff. Jake on the other hand quickly realized there were more things for him in his stocking and actual presents so he went for it. Alaina Claire peacefully slept through it all--she got her picture made with some of her stuff just to prove she WAS in the room on Christmas morning. Santa dropped a kitchen with food and dishes, some Veggie Tales videos (woo hoo), books, a little computer for Will, Big Diego Coloring book for Jake and a cutie patutie Tea Set for Alaina Claire--well Mommy and Daddy did some of that but who can keep track. They had a big Christmas!! Net Net, Gramps and Ni Ni even came over later in the morning to check out what they got and then we went and had Christmas breakfast at Net Net's. This mom living next door thing seems to be working out REAL WELL for us!! =) This was Christmas #3 for us only 2 more to go later today. And we're off...........

Milo patiently waiting to open his gifts
(really they are Will's that he has forgotten for the kitchen)

Daddy and baby girl taking a Christmas mid morning nap together...awww!

Merry Christmas!

We wanted to wish all of you a Merry Christmas! Hope your holiday is full of joy and laughter as ours has been! To you and your family--many blessings!

James, Rachel, Jake, Will & Alaina Claire

Monday, December 24

Santa made his stop!!

Lucky for 3 little sleeping kiddos--Santa decided to come to our house again this year! Although it took Santa quite a bit longer to put together the big gift he had for Jake, Will and Alaina it all got done and was ready when they woke up Christmas morning. {10 minutes.....yeah hour and a half later....hehe...and thus begins our long Christmas Eve nights I can imagine!} The big deal this year was a kitchen with all the bells and whistles. Plenty of things to open and buttons to push, noises, a oven light and a real clock--not to mention all the food that both boys love to eat. really

Here is what our living room looked like once Santa left and no there aren't any other presents under the tree because one little almost 2 year old would have opened them for all of you. So the tree looks a little bare not to mention no ornaments at the bottom of the tree because of same said little person who liked to take them all off. haha

Christmas with Net Net and Gramps

Tonight on Christmas Eve we had our Christmas with Net Net, Gramps and Ni Ni. Great thing was we only had to travel a few feet across the driveway and Boom! there we had arrived at our destination. Man this my mom living next door thing really rocks!! Hope you still think so too mama. =) Above is our attempt at a picture of course James took it and keeping the boys still long enough was a chore so this is what we got and who knows about the lighting--what mode was the camera on?!! We all had a great Christmas and had a good time hanging out together!

Here is Jake opening his Mickey Mouse Clubhouse from Net Net! He was stoked!!

Will was all about his new shirt and shoes from Gramps. He wanted to sleep in those shoes! He loves clothes and shoes along with his cars and airplanes I'm telling ya--he's got some GQ in him.


Here are the boys in their Christmas PJ's WITH their shoes on because neither would take them off. hee hee

Baking cookies for Santa

I had been telling Jake forever now that we were going to make some Gingerbread Man cookies. Since before Alaina Claire was born and he has been asking diligently. So this morning in the midst of the clutter we decided to do that so that Santa would have some cookies tonight when he comes. Here are a few pictures of our escapade. Will of course was more concerned with walking around in daddy's crocs. Also stuck in our santa hat pictures.

See his little rolling pin--he was a BIG helper!!! and they turned out yummy!

Sunday, December 23

Childress Christmas

We started our "christmasing" today. We made the trip down to Pulaski to have Christmas with my mom's side of the family. Always a good time!! The kiddos got some great things and so did James and I. We had a great time getting together and I do believe everyone enjoyed seeing Alaina Claire for the first time. Thank you to everyone for a wonderful meal and great Christmas!! you know what we forgot to do???? get the grand kids picture on the steps like we have done the past couple of years--darn it! Always something---hey at least everyone didn't get mixed up and leave someone out of the Christmas presents when we drew names {Stefanie} hehe Guess you get a pass--but hey! Wake up and write down who you got next year somewhere where you will remember it!! Lucky for Richard your gift was transferable. HAHA =)Anna Grace finally got a girl cousin on the Childress side!! Aren't they cute!

The kids oh so patiently waiting to open their gifts.

Heath and Will are checking out Heath's new toys probably much to Heath's dismay as Will attempts to destroy whatever it is.

Merry Christmas and Happy Belated Birthday Rach!

Hi Rach...

SURPRISE! SURPRISE! SURPRISE! I hope you LOVE your new blog design. Let me know if you would like to make any changes. There are a few things I still need from you but we'll take care of that later. Hope all is well with the Spence family.

your blog fairy

Saturday, December 22

Newborn pictures


Today my friend Courtney {I think I can call you my friend now--started as a friend of a friend but I'm thinking we've moved on---haha} came to take pictures of Alaina Claire at only 8 days old. I was so excited about this as I have always wanted to have these done. She came and set up a whole studio at our house to get these shots. She was amazing!!! Thanks Courtney! She has posted one of the pictures on her blog and I can't wait to see the rest of them. Check out baby Alaina Claire in all her glory at Courtney Marler Photography Blog


Our friends Denise and Steve stopped by with their daughter Megan and her friend for a quick visit today. Denise works with James. It was so good to see them!! Denise has a knack for taking pictures too and always catches a good shot. Here is one of the ones she took right after her professional photo shoot which you can tell she is super tired from!

Thursday, December 20

Happy Birthday Uncle Dave!

We have so many December birthdays in this family it isn't even funny and now baby girl joins the ranks too! Today is James' brother David's birthday. So Happy Birthday David!! He is joining me in the ranks of the 30 somethings this year too!!

We love ya!


In the spirit of Christmas, Life and Family I wanted to share something personal with all of you. Every year as Christmas approaches I find myself stopping to try and slow down a little and be mindful of all of the gifts that God has given me. Since this year had a little "extra" busy-ness with the approaching birth of Alaina Claire, I was especially mindful of these gifts. Three very special gifts that I am grateful for are my three departed grandparents. I probably didn't take enough time while they were alive to fully understand their traits which live in me or to thank them for their love.

As Alaina's birth approached I wanted to have my departed grandparents there with me, not only in spirit, but in a symbolic or physical way and so I come to the picture above. The three things in the picture are a knife that belonged to Grandaddy, a rosary that belonged to Gran-Gran and a pen that belonged to Grandpa. Last Friday morning I carried these items in my pocket from the time we left for the hospital, through the delivery room, and until late that night. I can't tell you how many times that day I found my hands sliding into my pocket to hold one or all of these precious items as a source of strength, never to be let down.

And so to explain a little more about the three items and honor the memory of my departed grandparents I want to share with you the significance of each item. It is my hope that the qualities I speak of that I remember so well regarding each of my departed grandparents continue to be strengths of mine and things that I can pass on to Alaina as well as Jacob and William.

The Pocket Knife (Grandaddy)

Grandaddy had many traits that I admire so much and try hard to emulate. He especially was a man that was prepared for whatever may come his way and had a special way of not worrying about things which he could not control. To this point, he always had a liking for pocket knives and I can remember giving him one on several occasions for birthday or Christmas gifts. To me, the liking of knives is a reminder of the preparedness that Grandaddy always seemed to have; that by being prepared and not caught off guard allowed him to live what I remember as a life that was slower and less worrisome. I admire that tremendously. I love you Grandaddy.

The Rosary (Gran-Gran)

Honestly, I do not know much about Gran-Gran's rosary. My dad gave it to me after her passing. However, it reminds me tremendously of her faith and how though it wasn't something that stood out about her, but was something that was always there, hidden at a much deeper, personal level, driving her actions and acting as her foundation. In a way, not knowing or remembering the specifics about her rosary fits this trait. You see, like Gran-Gran's faith the rosary wasn't something obvious and noticeable everyday, but was always there acting as a reminder to her of the importance of God in her life. What I do remember about Gran-Gran, as would most who knew her, is that she was a woman of tremendous strength to the point that sometimes caused her to be a little bull-headed (a Wilson trait). It is now after her passing that I realize that her strength was rooted in her faith. As strong-willed and maybe even stubborn as she could be, I think it was always a distant second to the strength of her faith. Truly a gift that I am proud of and hope that I can instill in my children. I love you Gran-Gran.

The Pen (Grandpa)

This pen was a gift that I gave to Grandpa and that I am told he loved very much. The picture may not show it, but the pen is engraved "Grandpa". Grandpa loved a good pen and seemed to always have a pen on his person. To me the pen symbolizes Grandpa's assertiveness. When it came to faith, Grandpa had a strong one, and with it came opinions on most everything. He loved to "share" his beliefs with anyone that would listen and to this point he reminds me of the evangelist that God has called each of us to be. Grandpa read and studied his bibles constantly. A reminder of this is the number of bibles he left behind and all of his thoughts and notes written (with his pens) in the margins of those bibles. His bibles were truly working bibles and a record of his thoughts and his dedication to wanting to know and understand God's will for us. I think this sort of effort, in and of itself, is a humble discipline and something that pleases God very much. I hope that a little of that is in me. I love you Grandpa.

This Holiday Season it is my wish that each and all of us can recognize the importance of the gifts that God gave our departed loved-ones. That we can each find the will to work hard to strengthen those qualities in our own lives as well as teach those qualities to our children.

Wednesday, December 19

Call me a new mama....

So I started freaking out a little this morning. =) I'm guessing it is because it is a girl. Everything is so different or at least I think it is. I'll brief you. So from the beginning this little bundle of joy decided that she will take at least an hour to nurse and during that time I am having to try to keep her awake the entire time because really she just wants to sleep. SO that is what I have been doing since she has been born. Really nothing else but trying to feed her and then by the time I am done I am doing it all over again. I KNOW I am preaching to the choir to several of you out there. Those that did this and tried to do this I am forever amazed at your patience now because if this happened on my first kid--not so sure I would have done as good or had as much patience as I do now. BUT ANYWAY.....the reason I say all of this is because both experiences I have had with breastfeeding my boys have been just easy breezy. They latched on they ate like gangbusters and then they were done. 20 minutes flat!! They meant business!!!! Not my sweet girl--she likes to take her time. And all of that is fine as long as she will eat......and to the point of this post.

So last night she decided to go like almost 8-9 hrs of no eating--couldn't wake her up to eat longer than like 3 minutes for ANYTHING. {I know some of you are saying are you crazy let her sleep--but folks she is just 4 days old at this point--can't do it yet sorry!} So being that we have this whole tint of jaundice thing going on (remember that I am not familiar with) I started to get nervous. Is she gonna wake up and eat or just sleep the day away?!! OF course I am looking at her thinking that her color has gotten worse but I think that had alot to do with my 3 year old----

here is that quick story--last night he was looking at her hands, feet, etc. He said what color hair does she have and we said dark brown--he just said black and then he said what about her face and of course I looked at James and back at Jake and said I don't know what color do you think it is {remember the dr telling me only if she looks orange like a pumpkin should I be worried} So again I ask what color he thinks her face is----ORANGE!!! My 3 year old said my infant's face looked orange.

SO this morning when I was worried about her eating all I could hear in the back of my head was Jake saying her face looked orange on top off all of that. YES I KNOW...he is a 3 yr old....but he knows his colors and that is what he saw!!! Good grief.

So anyway, we trekked to the dr today. He promptly looked at her and she had not lost weight since the hospital #1 good sign and #2 he looked at her and said her color looks fine. Uh ok Dr K so maybe we jumped the gun but better safe than sorry--holiday coming up you know. {insert cheesy grin here}

OF course as soon as I called the dr this morning as I am trying to change her to go she decided she was hungry--when we got to the dr she decided she was hungry again AND she was AWAKE the entire time we were gone to the dr. Gotta love how kids prove you wrong every time no matter how little they are!

Bottom line she is fine and like the dr said I just have a lazy eater and just wait she will wake up and figure it out soon enough. Ok so I feel better even though I probably could have figured it out on my own given a few more hours but Oh well it's nice to have the Dr say she's ok too. =)

Daddy had to make sure his little girl got her sticker at the dr's office today--nobody is too little for a sticker from the dr you know! {see wide awake!}

Tuesday, December 18

Happy Birthday to Me!!

WOW!! What better birthday gift for your 30th!!!! {oh my gosh am I really that old!} birthday than to be able to be home with your happy, healthy precious family. God has truly blessed me these past 30 years! What wonderful family and friends I have, an awesome husband who can put up with me (HAHA) and now THREE beautiful children. I can't wait to see what the next 30 years has to offer..... bring it on I'm not scared

Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me, happy birthday to Rachel...happy birthday to me!

Off to changing diapers and nursing a baby--that is what my birthday consisted of--but I wouldn't have it any other way! Oh I did get supper and birthday cake--thanks to my mom AND my dad came over since my sister came home from college today. All was good! Oh and how can I forget what my loving husband did. He framed our engagement picture and my bridal portrait that we have had in a closet for 5 years now. They look awesome and we can finally hang them up!!! Thank you honey!!

Check out my babies.....

Monday, December 17

Home from the Hospital

We made it home from the hospital today! Yay! Of course what did we come home to but more cooties. I get a phone call this morning at the hospital and it is James and he says of course not only is Jake still sick but now he has gotten some kind of stomach bug. FUN STUFF. So yeah the day we are supposed to bring home our baby girl the house is still full of yucky stuff. Oh and just an update to the already hilarious week Jake had last week with his sickness. His "pink eye" turned out not to be pink eye at all. James ended up taking him to the dr the day Alaina Claire was born and YEP double ear infection and it was only crap coming out of his eyes because he had so much crud in his head. That was all. Can we say gross!!! He was getting better by today either so the dr has called in a stronger antibiotic in hopes of kicking this thing of his to the curb. Will--still great--thank goodness.

Ok so fast forward a few hours. My mom ended up being the one to come get us from the hospital. When we left the hospital Alaina Claire was given an A+ though she is a little yellow or that pretty complexion color that babies can have which is awesome as long as it doesn't get any worse. The dr wasn't worried and just told me as long as she doesn't turn orange like a pumpkin we are good. I'm not used to this jaundice thing--the boys never had that but he tells me we are good that she just has a touch. So back to going home---lucky for me mama lives next door. SO the baby and I went there for a few hours while James was busy sanitizing the house from top to bottom. Thank goodness whatever he had was gone by the afternoon guess it was 24 hr and NOONE else is showing signs of that. We were beginning to wonder if it was something he ate yesterday. I digress.....

So around 8:30 in the evening I finally get to bring my baby girl HOME to HER house. Her brothers and her daddy were SUPER excited to see her. Of course the boys couldn't understand why she wouldn't open her eyes. They just made over her like nothing I have ever seen. They are so sweet to her. What fun days we have ahead....

Oh and today is Papa's birthday on top of everything else so HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAPA!!! We love you!

Here is the picture we had done at the hospital:This was the gown that James wore as a baby and David, Amy and Abbey wore home from the hospital. It was so special to have this for our sweet baby girl!

Sunday, December 16

Alaina Claire

Thought I would share a few more pictures from when she was born for those that didn't see them in email.

Here she is!!!!!

Mommy with her precious new little girl

In the nursery right after she was born

Update from the hospital...

Hey everybody! You can thank Lea Ann and Travis for this post. They brought me their laptop so I can say hello! By now you have obviously seen our brand new precious baby girl. She is awesome. It is amazing that everytime you have a child they are each different and special in their own way. She is just such a sweet little girl and already starting to show her own personality. Right now she is snoozing in her pretty little dress that we had her picture made in today. (will show those later when we get them in)

We are doing good and I am feeling well. She is nursing great and is just content when she is in someone's arms. Not a problem at all right now of course. =) We will get to go home in the morning sometime. I'll definitely let you know how the transition home with the boys goes but they have been very sweet to her so far.

Thanks for everyone's sweet comments!! Love to you all....

Here is a cute picture Travis took Friday at the hospital--she was showing out for them it was so cute!

Saturday, December 15

Daddy's Baby Girl

Well the Spence family is now at 5 and we could not be prouder of the new addition. She arrived hair first (and a head full of those dark locks) just as her brothers did. Forgive me (the Daddy) for this simple first attempt at a post, but I couldn't have chosen a better title than this.

The boys have been great with her so far and I can't say enough about how strong a mother Rachel is and how her love for our family strengthens me everyday. I'll finish this by saying that ones heart truly does grow larger with the birth of each new child.

Friday, December 14


Alaina Claire Spence in all her pink bow glory.

(Camera phone photo from James--better pics to come)

She's here! She's here!

Hi everyone...Misty here...

Alaina Claire Spence, long awaited baby sister of Jake and Will, arrived this morning at 7:49 am. In the words of her proud Daddy, "She's here and she's perfect". Those are always the words we want to hear first.

She weighed 7 pounds 15.5 ounces and measured 19 inches in length. In true Spence form, she has a head full of dark hair (perfect for little bows I'm sure).

James said Rachel is doing well and the c-section went off without a hitch. Rachel is in recovery now and Alaina Claire is in the nursery. Rachel should be moved to a room in the next few hours.

Pictures to follow some time today after April makes it to the hospital. She and Jeannette have the boys and they are not allowed in recovery so it may be a little while before I have pictures to share. James said he would send a few out in the next few days (or maybe he'll post them here).

Thank you Lord for a HEALTHY baby girl...what a blessing she will be to all of us.


Thursday, December 13

Tomorrow is the day!

Getting ready to head for bed and sleep--if I can! Tomorrow morning is the arrival of Miss Alaina Claire. Wish us luck--we have to be there bright and early at 5:30am. =( I am trying to convince James to post pictures when he comes in but no promises. My friend Misty is going to update you with the basics in the morning though. So stay tuned--the Spences are about to become a family of 5!!!

Good night!

Wednesday, December 12

Something new....

So last week a friend of my Courtney of Courtney Marler Photography took some maternity pictures of me. I have never had these done before---not even any formal pictures of me pregnant like our family picture we did this year. Anyway--I'm being very brave and telling you she has a couple of the pics on her Photo Blog and you can check them out--just click HERE.

If you are in the market for Maternity or Newborn photos--Courtney Marler is your woman. She did an awesome job and is so much fun to work with. Thanks Courtney for capturing some of the last moments of my pregnancy with Baby Alaina Claire!

You know you're near the end when....

{Of my pregnancy } When I just go in and wake up my husband and accuse him of leaving the back door wide open so that just anyone can come in the house and do whatever they want. He says he did shut it and I say that well someone must have just opened it while I was in the bathroom why don't you get up and go see about it?!?!?! He says no I know it was open just a minute ago when I went to bed but I closed it earlier when I came back in. LIGHTBULB---turns out I had just opened it myself to try to put a wreath on the door. And I(yes it was me) left it wide open. I did say I was sorry and quietly backed out of the room. hehe Oh boy, is it Friday yet?????


The best laid plans.........

ARE YOU KIDDING??!! Those are imaginary. Where should I start? Guess I'll start with Sunday. We have had plans for quite awhile now to take our kids and go see the lights at Opryland with the Wheelers. What happens first thing Sunday morning??? We wake up to Jake puking. YEP he had a stomach virus. So we had to forego the beautiful Christmas lights and deal with that all day long. I think it started on Saturday but anyway, on to Monday and of course he had crud coming out of his eye. SO yep you guessed now Jake has pink eye and when we tried to eat something on Monday morning all that came back up again so that wasn't over yet either. YAY! Called the dr and got medicine for the pink eye. Of course me already thinking about the next day knowing what would happen---Tuesday--Jake's done with the stomach virus but now has a fever (from the cold he has been fighting) and of course pink eye. (no it didn't go away overnight) So no mother's day out for Jacob today. =( At least he was able to eat and seemed to be feeling pretty good. Gramps came to stay with him while I had my dr's appt {no change--still dilated to 4--ready to go on Friday} and he got to go outside for just a bit with him. He seemed good and laid down to take a nap. When he woke up BOTH of his eyes were oozing. Lovely Yes it looks like it spread to the other eye. It's not that bad and has not gotten that bad--just a little bit and looks nothing like the first one so hopefully it will stay that way. Not sure when he'll get over this pink eye business--we've never had it before--let me tell you--IT STINKS.

{Sidenote} First off, who in the heck decided that putting ointment in a 3 yr old or younger OR older for that matter--putting that in their eye---who EVER in a million years truly thought that could happen. Do you know what a fight I have gone through EVERY SINGLE TIME I have tried to put that ointment in his eyes. Oh yeah I tell him I am doing it for his own good and so his eye will feel better and so he can SEE! Does that matter??? what do you think--nope! Everytime--screaming bloody murder and wiggling all over the place. Imagine pregnant me with a belly the size of Jupiter holding down legs and arms AND at the same time trying to PRY OPEN his eye to get at least the teeeeeniest bit of this stuff in there--pretty funny I am sure if you were to look at it from the outside. BUT from here.......IT STINKS.

So onto Wednesday--today--things seem good--fever is down no more throwing up FOR SURE but we still have that darned ole pink eye! There is one miracle to all of this (as I knock on wood, cross my fingers and stand on my head for luck) Will has NOT gotten any of this mess. Of course my hands, their hands and faces all are so dried out from the washing to keep the spread down--that he better NOT get it.

So the point to this post--yep I had one--was that I had this list with about 8,000,001 things to do on it before Friday when our little one makes her appearance. Ask me how many have gotten done to this point--reminder it is Wednesday--we're talking made the list on Saturday. Ummm let's see.....3. Yeah 3 out of 8,000,001---those are BAD statistics. I must admit--I finished Christmas shopping on Sat with my mom because she is the only one that will put up with me right now out in public. Then Sunday we actually did accomplish some things between the cleaning up puke. BUT the ones that I have been trying to get done like get all of this baby's clothes put away and put up the Christmas decorations, oh yeah and PACK my bag for the hospital. Those things haven't gotten done yet.

I know--I don't want any nasty comments about it will all be here when I get home and that I should take care of myself. I KNOW THAT!!! But if it were you--you would want to get it all done too--especially with Christmas so close!! Aaaaggghhh!

So yeah the best laid plans were laid by a fool because there is no such thing as best laid plans. I'm gonna remember that and just get done what I can (instead of blogging that would probably help--haha) and what doesn't get done will be here when I get back.

Hope everyone else's holidays are going by very smoothly. Sorry for the rant and if you made it this far......Thanks!

Monday, December 10

Whaaaaz uuuuup?

I love the fact that Will likes to "dress up". I can try any of his clothes on him to see if they still fit and he loves it. {he is sleeping with his jacket in his bed now because he thinks it is supercool} That is what we were trying to get done on Sunday. He had the best time putting on different clothes. These are outfits he had to keep on for awhile--got mad when I tried to take them off.

Saturday, December 8

Will with Santa

Remember I told you Santa was at Chuck E Cheese. Will was the only one that would get in his lap. As you can see even when he got there--he wasn't very happy. My boys will just have to write letters instead of telling him in person. =)

Does Santa have a mouth??

Thursday, December 6

Kids Wonderland---Parents Nightmare

You said it--Chuck E Cheese!!!! Well that is where we were tonight. James' work is so nice to do a Christmas party not only for the adults but for just the kids too! (I really do mean that is nice--they do lots of fun things for family) This year, like last, they had the party at Chuck E Cheese--what better place right?? Of course it was a night when it was cold, rainy and everyone else had the EXACT same idea. So the place was literally crawling with kids. I KNOW some of you know what I'm talking about. Now, I'm not a person to get anxious or get anxiety but THIS place brings it out in me. Once we braved walking away from our "safe place" at the table in the party area where we were just watching Chuck E dance, etc---we headed straight for the Toddler area. At least it is partially fenced in! The kids had a great time and would have loved it if we had just said GO have a great time. Problem is we never would have seen them again. It was crazy!! Guess they are used to it because of course it doesn't bother my kids---they just keep right on going. Enjoy a few pictures courtesy of one of James' co-workers--thanks!

Will and Daddy pose with Chuck E.

Daddy attempting to help both boys "eat a good dinner" before we play----that only works for Will.

Jake was busy telling me all about what he wanted to go do while he was riding the caterpillar and trying to make it go faster.

Oh--Santa was there too! I was so excited when I found out that Santa was going to be at this Christmas party--that meant I didnt' have to take my kids into the mall to get their picture taken. Well guess who was acting like a big goober and would have nothing to do with Santa???!! Jacob Nolan of course. He is that way when Chuck E Cheese walks around or any other character anywhere for that matter. It's like once they are really life-sized he's not so sure about them. So my ideal picture of them both with Santa never happened. Will of course went up there just fine. James' work took the pictures so I hope to get that one soon and I will post it.
Will was just daring somebody to get him off of there--once he is on one of those rides its definite "fit" time when its time to get down. He loves them!

Jake and Daddy peruse the "big kid area" for something more exciting than riding the caterpillar---and he found plenty!!

No tokens left this time, folks! We did CEC---once again. Probably the last time for quite awhile!! {at least mommy and daddy hope so}

Wednesday, December 5

Reading with Net Net

Will is all about reading now. He started a little later than Jake did. Jake sat and read books-- right side up mind you, too-- at 6-8 months old. Will waited until he was a year old and then started to show much more interest. Now he just brings the book and says "read, read". So Net Net was reading him The Foot Book by Dr Suess. In one part it says "His Feet, Her Feet..." Yep that's it. Well she decided to demonstrate. She held up Will's feet and said "his feet" and then she held up her feet and said "her feet". Well this got Will's tickle box turned over and everytime she raised her feet he cackled as you can see. It was hilarious. It only worked on Net Net's feet though. She tried to show him Mommy's feet and Jake's feet and he didn't care. It was when Net Net did it that it was so funny! He is a riot, I tell ya!

He even had to hold his face in his hands he thought it was so funny!