Wednesday, December 5

Reading with Net Net

Will is all about reading now. He started a little later than Jake did. Jake sat and read books-- right side up mind you, too-- at 6-8 months old. Will waited until he was a year old and then started to show much more interest. Now he just brings the book and says "read, read". So Net Net was reading him The Foot Book by Dr Suess. In one part it says "His Feet, Her Feet..." Yep that's it. Well she decided to demonstrate. She held up Will's feet and said "his feet" and then she held up her feet and said "her feet". Well this got Will's tickle box turned over and everytime she raised her feet he cackled as you can see. It was hilarious. It only worked on Net Net's feet though. She tried to show him Mommy's feet and Jake's feet and he didn't care. It was when Net Net did it that it was so funny! He is a riot, I tell ya!

He even had to hold his face in his hands he thought it was so funny!

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Lea Ann said...

This is too cute!!! They are such sweet boys!

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