Tuesday, December 25

Christmas Morning

Santa did a good job this year. The boys were super excited about all of their loot. Will was so funny--he could care less about his presents or what was in his stocking--he would not leave the kitchen alone about 15 minutes later he decided to check out his other stuff. Jake on the other hand quickly realized there were more things for him in his stocking and actual presents so he went for it. Alaina Claire peacefully slept through it all--she got her picture made with some of her stuff just to prove she WAS in the room on Christmas morning. Santa dropped a kitchen with food and dishes, some Veggie Tales videos (woo hoo), books, a little computer for Will, Big Diego Coloring book for Jake and a cutie patutie Tea Set for Alaina Claire--well Mommy and Daddy did some of that but who can keep track. They had a big Christmas!! Net Net, Gramps and Ni Ni even came over later in the morning to check out what they got and then we went and had Christmas breakfast at Net Net's. This mom living next door thing seems to be working out REAL WELL for us!! =) This was Christmas #3 for us only 2 more to go later today. And we're off...........

Milo patiently waiting to open his gifts
(really they are Will's that he has forgotten for the kitchen)

Daddy and baby girl taking a Christmas mid morning nap together...awww!

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Mommy said...

Don't steal all her air Daddy! She needs the oxygen more than you. Hehe. Love that teaset. It will be about 5 more years before she can actually touch it but it's pretty nonetheless. :-) MG admires hers from afar.

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