Sunday, June 29

Shout Out!

I wanted to thank everyone who helped keep me sane this week! I know it sounds silly but you have NO IDEA!!!

So shout out to all of the Spence siblings and Riley Mo--for hanging out with us while you were in town. We had a to come. Thanks!!

Shout out to Yaya and Papa for cooking yummy food and hanging too. And Yaya for your trip with Jake Friday wherever you guys went he keeps talking about it. Thanks!!

Shout out to my dad aka Gramps for coming up one day and taking us to lunch and playing with the kiddos. Yummy and lots of fun. Thanks!!

Shout out to my friends Kim and Misty for helping a sister out by coming up here for our playdate this week!! It was fun....we'll have to do it again....wink wink. Thanks!!

Shout out to Granny for letting Jake come hang out at her house and spend the night one night. He LOVES going over there so he had a big time with you and Sam and Jessi. Thanks!!

Shout out to my mom aka Net Net for just being around this week and helping when she could. Especially for all the household chores that she helped with like washing clothes when a girl's washer goes out. (very sad and aggravated face) Mowing the rest of the yard {if you don't know why go back 2 posts} and cooking some too. Oh and don't forget Jake spent the night there one night too. Just thanks for everything all the time! Thanks!!

Shout out to my sister aka NiNi who is just always there to be a helping hand and keep the kids from burning the house down. Wow she really helps out so I can just get the smallest things done during the day. For that matter I need to shout out to her for the WHOLE summer because she has been hanging with me since she got back and I DONT WANT HER TO GO BACK TO SCHOOL. What will I do?!?! Thanks!!

Thank you everyone for everything you do not just now but always. Ok I thank I am done thanking. hehe ok enough blogging for me for a's gone to my to tidy up before the Daddy gets home oh yeah and tend to the screaming kid in the background...don't you hear that?? =)

Kiddos: an Update

Ok so I have gotten lots of nice emails and comments wanting to see the kids. I know I know but it just hasn't happened. So here are some updates and pics of the kids. I promise that one day I WILL get caught up on this thing but as of right now I am just posting as I can.

Alaina Claire is 6 months old now. She loves to watch her brothers and they {especially Will} are the only ones that can make her really belly laugh. She just started sitting up by herself last week. She loves to jabber and is a good long as it's not veggies. FYI on her she has a urinary tract infection {ugh} and the dr wants to do a couple of diagnostic tests to make sure all is well on the inside. More than likely everything is A-ok and she just had bad luck and got a UTI but just in case we are having those done at
Vanderbilt Children's on Wednesday afternoon. So wish us luck and prayers for that one. Oh and I swear she is growing her hair back slowly but surely. =)

Will is of course now 27 months old. Crazy and wild as ever! I don't ever think I have met a kid with more personality. He is a busy busy busy kid and he really means well as he gets into everything on God's green Earth. Really he does mean well he is a caretaker. If you even mention needing something even if you are talking to someone else--give him one minute--and he is bringing it to you. He is talking up a storm these days in plenty of sentences--yes lots of them only mommy can understand still but he is getting there and get do pretty much whatever he puts his mind to. He is the type that only has to see it once and he's got it. He LOVES lawnmowers & vacuum cleaners {more like obsessed}, daddy's truc, any type of truck and airplanes. He is such a sweet boy! {he is being good this morning so it is easy for me to say that right now..HAHA}

Jacob is almost 4 years old. {July 13} I can't believe we have a 4 year old. He is such a big boy. He is getting so tall and he just carries on conversations with you about anything. It is crazy. His latest is that he is going to tell you a joke. The joke is "how do _____ fly?" hahahahaha Yep that is it he changes the blank to anything and then after that he just laughs so hysterically you have to laugh too even though he hasn't finished anything...hee hee we are working on comprehending the "end of the joke" part. The other thing is he has started collecting. You may think he has been collecting before with the dinosaurs and all but no he really didn't know there were X number out there and he only had 5 and needs 3 more or anything like that. Well Kung Fu Panda at Mickey D's did it to him. How many McD's toys have we had and this time he decides he HAS to have them ALL! He was "hungry for McD's" 24-7 until we finally got ALL of those stinking toys. Thanks to Ni Ni and Net Net for being on the lookout and getting the hard to get ones for us. He still loves dinosaurs, reading, watching videos {ugh}, playing with all his people and animals and playing in the water/sprinkler. He is our biggest boy and such a great big brother. It is hard to believe he is going to PreK this fall but he is SOOOO excited.

While Daddy's Away...

Oh what can happen while Daddy is away. James has been gone to Japan for work since last Sunday morning. Thank the good Lord he gets home tonight!!! Yay!

You know I have never considered myself a dependent person. I mean I can do whatever needs to get done that has always been my personality. In fact, I have a hard time sometimes letting others do for me. Anyway, I'm over that. This week I have decided I am definitely over that. Here are just a few of the reasons why:

1. FISH--I don't do fish. We have a saltwater tank. I have nothing to do with it and of course this week I HAD to have something to do with it. I had to touch their food which I CAN NOT stand and even worse than that I had to SMELL their food! UGGGHHH!!!! {Thank goodness Daddy will be home to takeover that task}

2. TRASH--we go through alot of trash. I don't know what all we use but GOOD GRIEF it is alot of trash. Now granted I normally end up taking the trash out a couple of times during the week. But Daddy is the one that makes sure all of the trash cans in the house get emptied before overflowing. I hate gathering them all up all over the house to take out. NO FUN! We have GOT to start recycling. {Thank goodness Daddy will be home to takeover that task too}

3. CAT LITTER--Yeah I feed and water the cats but since I have been pregnant most of the time we have been married {exaggeration but not too much} Daddy has taken over cat litter duties. When the cat starts to literally cry and I can't figure out why then an hour later I find pee in the floor in the laundry room. Mental note--check the cat litter as it is probably nasty nasty nasty. OH YEAH not my cup at all!! Guess you figured by now me and the pets....well they should take care of themselves. I have 4 humans to take care of....Daddy better take care of them or well oh well. {Thank GOODNESS Daddy will be home to takeover that duty too!}

4. PUTTING THE BOYS TO BED-- I know several people who have done this. When Alaina Claire was born it was just so much easier for James to put the boys to bed while I feed AC and then put her down for the night. That is the way it has been for 6 months now and well I like it that way. PLUS Daddy stays in the boys bedroom with them until they fall asleep most nights. I have begged and pleaded for him not to do this because of WEEKS LIKE THIS when I am the one to put them to bed and MAMA don't play that game. Ok well at least not every night cuz sometimes you do whatcha gotta do! {THANK GOD he is coming home to takeover that duty}

5. MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT HELPER--This one is just common sense. Although I know some guys don't help in the middle of the night. My man does and always has. Now I think some of it stems from the fact that I have breastfed all of our kids so there was never much he could do for me in the middle of the night when they were/are babies. Now if someone is having a bad dream and gets up then he is usually the first one up and then I get the next time....usually. OR you know when TWO KIDS are sick and both up screaming in the middle of the night for someone to hold them....yeah that would be a good time for him to be around!! {2 sleepless and I stress the LESS nights are enough around here!} {hurry home NOW Daddy to help with this duty}

6. MY FRIEND--I have to be cheesy and throw this one in here of course. It never fails that when he is away there are about a million things I can think of we need to talk about or I need to tell him. Whether it be with the kids or me or us or just random thoughts in my head. I take it for granted that I can share those things with him always. {Thank goodness he'll be home today because my brain only has a one week retention period---and that is pushing it!}

7. Oh last but not least folks...I have not let you down there are pictures.....
MOWING THE THE STINKIN' GRASS--honestly I think I'll just leave you with the pictures but I guess I need to set the story up a bit. Grass had not been mowed. I was hosting a playdate with HER and HER and their kiddos--total of 9 kiddos playing in the yard. It needed to be mowed. My sister stayed in the house while I went out during naptime to "quickly" mow the backyard so we could play the next day.
THIS is what would ONLY happen when Daddy is away....
THIS is why I DO NOT mow the yard anymore {apparently}....
THIS is what happens when you haven't mowed the yard in 7 years and you get a little cocky about trying to cut down on the trim work later and a swing then gets caught on a lever of your lawnmower....

THIS MY FRIENDS IS THE TRAGEDY THAT BEFELL THE BACKYARD WHEN I GOT BEHIND THE WHEEL:Where are the swings? oh they are there...underneath the mangled mess.

Let's not forget the grass I killed by mowing it WAAAAY too close to the ground {note the dust cloud in the first pic while I was still mowing--Thanks Stef} because I forgot to lift the blade up a couple of notches and by the time I realized it would have looked stupid so I kept going. Hey at least we won't have to mow so often!

{Thank the good Lord in Heaven that Daddy will be back for this duty and that he enjoys cutting the grass...Thank you Thank you!}

So my friends this is just a little snippet of the week sorry so long but if you made it this far congrats!!! And James when you get home and read this I know we have never SET chores--I'm thinking this is a good list to start with. HAHAHAHAHA Love ya and miss you and can't wait til 6pm when your flight gets here! Woo hoo!

Thursday, June 19

10 minutes

This is what all William Isaac can get into in 10 minutes---this morning---just now. THIS is why I haven't blogged in 800 years. This is why you are going to find me in the looney bin VERY VERY soon, especially next week while my hubby is gone to Japan---for a WHOLE week. This is me trying to be very patient with my 27 month old son.

10 minutes---
I laid Alaina Claire down for her nap and she was good and asleep so I thought hmmmm I should put the clean sheets on our bed that have been sitting in that basket for about 6 days now yes that is a good idea. Laid her down, turned her aquarium on {which lasts for 10 minutes} and proceeded to strip the bed and begin to put clean mattress pad, sheets, pillowcases on pillows and even gather the dirty laundry in my room. 10 minutes it took me---why in the world did it take that long to do that you ask??? Well here is what craziness I dealt with all in the middle of that.

First it was "Mommy look what Will's doing" {If I had a nickel for every time I heard that in a day...} So I leave the room and go see "what Will's doing" He of course was in the office and had proceeded to take out every SLAH invitation in one pack--that would be 200, strow them all over the floor, then pull out all of the order forms I had so neatly placed already with catalogs ready to go to a party and then he found my chapstick I had hidden on the desk which is where he was when I walked in there looking up at me and saying "lips mommy? lips?" {this is what he calls chapstick--who knows} I let him have some lips, calmly led him to the playroom, he picked a book and was sitting there looking at it. SO I run back to what I was doing.

Next......."Mommy look what Will's got" ----oh great here we go. I come out of my room into the hall and he had pulled the "child proof" fastener which doesn't fasten so well anymore off of the refrigerator and had gotten out a lunchable {not bad couldn't hurt it} but as I walk into the kitchen he had pulled out all the applesauce with one open, the HOT sausage which he had tried to eat through you could tell AND a bag of breastmilk I had just pumped this morning for AC's cereal...yum! So as before I cleaned up and I took him to the toy room and he found his "truck" to play on and he was happy.

Lastly....."Mommy I think Will needs to go potty"----umm ok guess I should go see about that. Then here comes Will into my room with his diaper off saying "pee pee potty" so off we go. I sat him on the potty and realize his legs are already wet. I asked if he had already pee peed and he just pointed. {out of the bathroom} He didn't have to pee pee anymore so I cleaned him up washed his hands and then asked him where he had pee peed {as I walk through wet droplets leaving the bathroom} He takes me to the couch....oh yeah THE COUCH. Where he had undoubtedly sat, undone his diaper cuz being naked is so fun and peed and THEN thought maybe I should go to the potty. {YES out there we are working on potty training} So yet again I cleaned up the pee pee on the couch lovely, put a diaper back on my kid and went about my business while he ran off to play.

Good news is I only had a little left to do with what I had started and was able to finish and at least one of the chores I have on my list got done for the day even if it was only 10 minutes of my day. Who knows if anything else will get done?!

Now how was I able to blog about this you ask? Well said child is currently sitting in my lap writing on every piece of paper he can find on the desk including his belly and palm of his hand with a pen. That was his entertainment while I did this. Hope you to clean up pen marks......