Monday, December 24

Christmas with Net Net and Gramps

Tonight on Christmas Eve we had our Christmas with Net Net, Gramps and Ni Ni. Great thing was we only had to travel a few feet across the driveway and Boom! there we had arrived at our destination. Man this my mom living next door thing really rocks!! Hope you still think so too mama. =) Above is our attempt at a picture of course James took it and keeping the boys still long enough was a chore so this is what we got and who knows about the lighting--what mode was the camera on?!! We all had a great Christmas and had a good time hanging out together!

Here is Jake opening his Mickey Mouse Clubhouse from Net Net! He was stoked!!

Will was all about his new shirt and shoes from Gramps. He wanted to sleep in those shoes! He loves clothes and shoes along with his cars and airplanes I'm telling ya--he's got some GQ in him.


Here are the boys in their Christmas PJ's WITH their shoes on because neither would take them off. hee hee

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