Friday, August 22

Random Facts

First off I have tried to update from last month. So I think I am done with July now if you want to browse back through to check it out. There will be more from first part of this month to come...AND eventually the 3 months that I left out in the Spring will get updated too. :O

On to the Random Facts---I have been TAGGED by Lauren to share 6 random facts about myself so here goes:

1) My fav-o-rite food in the world??? FRIED SQUASH

2) When I was 15 I took my grandparents car {along with a friend} on a joyride in town and then to another town and got too cocky thinking I knew how to drive so well and ended up in "other town's" police station.....the parents AND grandparents were none to happy and I was in big T.R.O.U.B.L.E!!!

3) I always wanted to be in the Military but I'm a scaredy cat!

4) My guilty pleasure? General Hospital....I love me some Jason Morgan!

5) Reese's Peanut Butter Cups + DrPepper = LOVE

6) I used to be Michael Jackson's #1 Fan! Thriller! Thriller night...I sing as I wear my white glove and do the moonwalk in my zipper jacket.....hee hee

I TAG Holly, Andrea, Lea Ann, Amy, Stefanie, Lyndi

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Wednesday, August 20

PreK Update and the Streaker

Well so far we've made it. I have successfully gotten 3 kids up, fed breakfast, dressed and out the door by 7:30 to get Jake to school. Will's school {Mother's Day Out} hasn't started yet but he sure doesn't understand that. EVERY morning he wants to go to his school. Pick up wasn't that bad once I figured the whole thing out. The big deal is everyone else can wait for their kids to come to them but PreK parents have to get out and go get their kids so you have to do all of that within this time limit of the group of cars you came into the parking lot with. It really is VERY orderly CHAOS!! But that's just the way it is!

Jake did well Monday morning but yesterday morning and this morning he has decided to cry both times. They said yesterday he did just fine right after I left and had an "Excellent" day as his homebook says. SO let's hope the same for today and that we get over the whole crying thing as fast as it started. He does keep asking me " MOOOOM, do I have school AGAIN today?" He just isn't used to the every day ordeal--he is used to Tue/Thurs and having a break in between. Precisely one of the reasons he is in PreK right now.

The Streaker

So......back to yesterday......I pick him up and Ms D says he did great right after I left. She said but I have to tell you this and she starts busting out laughing. I'm thinking great what did my kid do???? Weeeellllll.........they have a boys bathroom and girls bathroom in their room and when they have bathroom break they send one boy and one girl at a time. Ms D said things were going well and Jake had gone to potty as did {let's call her} Sally.

Next thing she knows here is Jake standing in the doorway, stark NAKED, leaning to one side with one hand up bracing himself saying "Teacher, Teacher.....I need some help over here! Ms D looked around and thought whoa! then said "Ok Jacob go back to the bathroom and I'll be in there in a minute" {stifle laughter} You must know that during this Sally had come out of the bathroom apparently to witness Jake's unsightly deed and cry for help. {keep that in mind}

SO Ms D goes to help Jacob and figure out what happened---when she walked into the bathroom all she saw was his little behind. He was bent over toward the toilet and was making all kinds of faces in the HANDLE {you know it was silver and partially flat so he could see himself} Hilarious!! So she was {stifling laughter yet again}. She then helped him get dressed again and all the while having a conversation about why we keep ALL of our clothes on when we go potty. {Oh good grief---the first week of school no doubt!!}

They get done and are coming out of the bathroom when lo and behold what does Ms D see......{remember Sally??} OH YEAH.....hanging on the bar across the big paned window to the hallway of the inside of the school was little ole Sally naked as a jay bird. She was just singing away and looked at Ms D and said "Boy is this Fun! She saw Jake do it and thought hmmmm let me go back in here and try that out too. hahahahaha Oh great and MY Jacob started it!! What am I gonna do?!

So I am assuming Ms D and Sally had the same conversation that was just had by she and Jake 2 minutes prior. I am also sure that Ms D was ready to go home at this point that day. She did say that if anyone inside school happened to be walking by during THAT 5 minutes of the day...they probably wondered WHAT IN THE WORLD are they doing in PreK?!

Oh the things a 4 year old will do!!! I am sure there will be many more stories let's just hope that none of them involve a lack of clothing. :)

Sunday, August 17

I can't help it!

I have to give you guys a sneak peak of our photo shoot with Krista from last Tuesday. She posted these pics on her blog because she knew I was dying to see!! Aren't they just the cutest kids ever?!! I know....hahaha! Thanks Abbey for coming to help! And Krista as always....awesome job!!

Friday, August 15

Jacob's Very First Day of PreK

He won't be riding the bus but sure thinks its really cool!

Jacob is going to PreK this year. We feel like he needs a 5 day a week program to get him ready for the real deal come next year so Enter........ PREK!!! He is so excited. We visited his "new big school" in the Spring and he didn't want to leave and every time we drive by ALLLLLL summer long he has been asking when he gets to go. Well, Son......Today is THE DAY! Your first day of PreK, it is only a half day but First Day nonetheless.

Here's the school boy--ready to go!! Doesn't he look handsome?!
This is where he wanted his picture taken so I took what I could get.
{ignore Milo sleeping underneath the van}

We had all the "first of the year" events leading up to today. Tuesday was our Parent meeting and then Wednesday was Round Up Day---I took him to see his room again and his teachers and got to sign up for volunteer opportunities, check out after care in case it is ever needed, load his lunch card and most importantly we went to the uniform consignment sale!! He has a friend that is going to his "new big school" with him from Mother's Day Out the past 2 years so he will know someone right off the bat. We stuck together through all the "round up" activities and they got to reacquaint themselves since they had not seen each other all summer even though we said we would get together. {we all know how that goes...time flies} So then yesterday he had a break and today was it my friends.

Jacob and Mrs D

He went in without an issue and looked so happy to be there--didn't hardly tell me bye. He was excited to put his school clothes on just like everybody else this morning, too. Thankfully today I only had to participate in the "drop off" which wasn't too bad. Since we went half a day and the rest of the school went a full day I didn't get to see "pick up" yet. I have been told it is VERY orderly chaos and to PAY ATTENTION. So can't wait for that........ahhh school days. So much fun!! We are SO excited for him to have this opportunity. They will be doing Art, Music, Library, Computer, PE and Spanish so he will have some neat extra classes each day aside from all of his fun stuff in his classroom {math, language, writing, science, centers, etc, etc.} Love his teachers and we are excited for a great year!!

He wanted her to stand up so Mommy could get a shot of the rainbow that Mrs B the assistant teacher painted on the wall for them---in class art should be fun--Mrs D was sure to tell us Mrs B was definitely in charge of that!!

Picked him up and the teachers said he did great. I asked him what he did today and he said "I can't tell you I'll tell you when we get to McD after I get chicken nuggets and french fries." That's one smooth talker right there. Oh well guess not much can change in 3hrs. HEE HEE Our little boy is growing up..... {yes I took the bait it was Mickey D's for was his first day of school!}

Tuesday, August 12

Swimming with Aunt Abbey

This morning we went to have the boys yearly pictures taken with Krista and I thought I was gonna be SOL on helpers but YAY for Aunt Abbey who didn't really have to come help {cuz she lives 40 minutes away now} BUT SHE DID!!! I definitely needed a helper with all the kids in one spot trying to take pictures....whoa! Thanks Abbey!

Anyway, after that we went back to Abbey's new house and more importantly her POOL!! The kiddos had a blast. The water was a little chilly but not too bad. My kids just get cold so easy in the water----ask our Swim Day friends---it can be 95 and sunny and my boys still end up freezing. Who knows....thin blood maybe...haha! They had a big time going up and down and up and down and up and down her stairs in the house like they have never seen stairs before. There was the issue with her precious doggy Mary Jane but as long as she was outside while we were in and vice versa....Jake was good.

Here sit the 2 little ones after the pool got too chilly---just watching big bro go!!

Here he is trying to see what the heck he is doing with those goggles on...LOL!
Jake was all about the diving board, though he made Abbey jump a few times too!

I was excited to see Abbey and Dustin's new house, James saw it when they moved in and he helped. They got a steal---cute house with lots of yard and a pool out in the that's what I'm talking about!! Congrats it! Can't wait to come back in a few weeks to see the new furniture and swim some more!!

Monday, August 11

Making Play Dough

Net Net knows all the good tricks. When the boys wanted to play with play dough and none in the house. What does Net Net do......make some, of course! She was looking for the kool aid smelly recipe but couldn't find it so stay tuned for that one. This was just regular ole play dough and the boys chose RED for their color. Fun times at Net Net's spur of the moment any day of the week. =)

Sunday, August 10

Beautiful Day

Today was Alaina Claire's Baptism Day! It was such beautiful weather for such an important day in our little girl's life. We have been blessed with this unique, wonderful and absolutely perfect gift from God and today she was blessed with the gift of bringing the Lord into her heart and learning to love Him as we do. As she grows she has so many people around her that will foster that love and we hope that she learns to live in his glory and develop a true and meaningful relationship with Him.
We love you Alaina Claire and May God Richly Bless You Always!
Us with her Godparents-David {James's bro} and Stefanie {my sis}

She made it through the first few minutes of listening intently to Father and then she just laid her head down and was out in an instant! It was too funny. She was supposed to have taken a nap during Mass just before that but was too busy checking everyone out so there you have it falling asleep at her own baptism. =)

Thank you to everyone who was able to come.
It meant so much to us that you were there to share in this special day!{the light coming in from the doors in both these pics was bad...sorry!}

Saturday, August 9

Dinner, Dogs and Lawnmowers

That's what our visit to Papa and Yaya's house consisted of tonight. In honor of AC's baptism, Uncle Dave and Aunt Liz {Will Speak: Umple Dabe and Umple Wiz----haha!}, came into town just for tonight and tomorrow's baptism. Abbey came over too and it was a family affair. Since it was Amy's birthday we all got to chat with her on the phone and wish her well.
Spoiled rotten by EVERYONE---sitting on the counter "helping" fix dinner

Dave and Liz have 2 dogs.....Greta and Stella {don't you love those names!!}. Both boys weren't quite sure of the dogs and they have seen Greta plenty of times before but this is the first time Stella has made the trip. So maybe it was because there were 2 of them....who knows. All I know is Jake spent ALL night worried about where the dogs were {it is evidenced in the pictures where he is obviously MIA}. Will, on the otherhand, was converted and he had the dogs eating out of his hands {no really!} he fed them carrots and was good to go after that!
Playing with Aunt Liz {this was secretly part of the bribe to get him to feed the dogs}

Eating out of his hand

While we were sitting outside Will decided to PUSH the lawnmower {it was not on people and he is obsessed with lawnmowers I don't know what else to say} ALL THE WAY around the garage.......except he ran into trouble trying to make the last turn and ran it into the fence and in his attempt to get it turned around he cut his finger. Uncle Dave took care of it though and he was back in action moments later.
Papa checking out the cut---sending him to Uncle Dave

Spending time with the fam is always so much fun. Later in the night the next door neighbor and her daughter came over and brought sparklers so the kids had a big time with that too!!
Getting ready for Sparklers

Happy Birthday Amy, soon enough you can spend it with us again!!
Can't wait!


Happy Birthday Aunt Amy!

isn't she sweet?!!

We wish we could celebrate with you on your birthday!! Know that we are thinking about you and we love you and miss you!!

The Spence House

Aunt Amy with Alaina Claire during Easter

Friday, August 8

Biter Biscuits

I am pretty sure that I have been given all the Biter Biscuits in a 50 mile radius. Somehow all of my friends decided these things were too messy to fool with for their kids and they ALL decided to give me a box so I have a few laying around the house right now. Me on the other hand...ahh who cares....get messy....gotta do it sometime! She loves them and BOY??!!! are they messy and just icky and sticky and gooey. YUUUUUMMM doesn't that make you want to have one for your snack now..... me too!

Isn't she precious even with gook on her face!

Me? You wanna take my picture...aww shucks!


It felt great outside today so we decided to have a picnic lunch albeit a fast food picnic lunch....but hey whatever works I say!! Jake is always wanting to have a picnic for every meal he would have a picnic. To him a picnic consists of eating anywhere but at the dining table for a must be having a picnic!

The picnic attendees minus myself

That's right run it off boys because little do you know about 30 minutes from now
you will be in BED taking a nap!!

No picnic complete without a pretty girl =)

Thursday, August 7

Long Lost Cousins

Me & Jackie and all of our Kiddos

Today we got to hang out and visit with our {mine and Stef's} cousin Jackie and her girls. They live in Nevada so we do good to get to see each other once a year at Christmas and sometimes not even that if it is the opposite year. SO maybe I should say once every 2 years. Wow...that sounds horrible. But C'est la Vie!
The communion cup of fruit punch--they thought this was cool, of course

We had a blast! It was Jackie, Ava Jayne (3), Lyla June (2 months) and Jackie's mom Linda and my crew included me and all of my kids and my sis Stef {Ni Ni}. The kiddos had a blast with each other-- Ava, Jake and Will took right up with each other like they had played together every day for the past year. You can tell they are alot alike personality least Ava and Will are. HAHA those that know Will oh so well are going "oh no!" to Ava right now. But she is a girl so she was slightly more subdued.Will and Ava sticking tongues out at each other and cracking up---too cute!

This would be the Ava scream--hilarious!!
Don't think Will wasn't right in there with her!!

The plan was to go swimming at Jackie's other cousin's house. Of course we get there, unload everyone, get in the pool, slide down the slide a couple times {oh yes there was a slide and it was superfun!} and it isn't 10 minutes before it starts to lightning and rain. SO we spent alot of the time under the carport waiting it out which didn't work and then we gave in and decided to move the play date to Mickey D's and the playplace.
NiNi getting ready to throw Ava in the air--the girl{Ava} has no fear.....
just like her mama!

Linda playing with Will in the pool

A good time was had by all and hopefully it won't be so long til our next playdate! Keeping our fingers crossed for Christmas this year. Everyone pray plane tickets get cheaper. HA!

Monday, August 4

Happy Birthday Gramps!

Today is Gramps's 67th Birthday!!
We celebrated it in true Gramps style and had breakfast for supper!! yum yum We love you Gramps!
---hope your birthday was happy!!

notice we only put one candle per decade plus one to grow on of course

Like what it said?? haha Don't worry he thought it was hilarious!
{yes I wrote on the cake this time---us and our homemade cakes gotta have homemade handwriting....told ya it would be bad---only thing worse
would have been if Daddy wrote on it---whoa!}

We attempted to get new things for his house so his bathroom
would be somewhat matching....we'll see how much of it gets used. ;)

Sunday, August 3

Remember this?

Ok does anyone remember this outfit. Mind you we are missing a hat and the shoes.......... anyone...anyone?? {hint hint--it would be James's family}