Friday, December 14

She's here! She's here!

Hi everyone...Misty here...

Alaina Claire Spence, long awaited baby sister of Jake and Will, arrived this morning at 7:49 am. In the words of her proud Daddy, "She's here and she's perfect". Those are always the words we want to hear first.

She weighed 7 pounds 15.5 ounces and measured 19 inches in length. In true Spence form, she has a head full of dark hair (perfect for little bows I'm sure).

James said Rachel is doing well and the c-section went off without a hitch. Rachel is in recovery now and Alaina Claire is in the nursery. Rachel should be moved to a room in the next few hours.

Pictures to follow some time today after April makes it to the hospital. She and Jeannette have the boys and they are not allowed in recovery so it may be a little while before I have pictures to share. James said he would send a few out in the next few days (or maybe he'll post them here).

Thank you Lord for a HEALTHY baby girl...what a blessing she will be to all of us.



Holly said...

I have been checking like every half hour for an update! Yay! We have a new baby girl in the family. The boys were starting to take over.

Lea Ann said...

YAY! I'm so happy for you guys! We love you all!

Amy Call said...

Thank God for a healthy delivery...Mommy and I am sure Beautiful Miss Alaina Claire!!! Congratulations on your new addition to your already beautiful family!! I love you all!!!

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