Monday, December 17

Home from the Hospital

We made it home from the hospital today! Yay! Of course what did we come home to but more cooties. I get a phone call this morning at the hospital and it is James and he says of course not only is Jake still sick but now he has gotten some kind of stomach bug. FUN STUFF. So yeah the day we are supposed to bring home our baby girl the house is still full of yucky stuff. Oh and just an update to the already hilarious week Jake had last week with his sickness. His "pink eye" turned out not to be pink eye at all. James ended up taking him to the dr the day Alaina Claire was born and YEP double ear infection and it was only crap coming out of his eyes because he had so much crud in his head. That was all. Can we say gross!!! He was getting better by today either so the dr has called in a stronger antibiotic in hopes of kicking this thing of his to the curb. Will--still great--thank goodness.

Ok so fast forward a few hours. My mom ended up being the one to come get us from the hospital. When we left the hospital Alaina Claire was given an A+ though she is a little yellow or that pretty complexion color that babies can have which is awesome as long as it doesn't get any worse. The dr wasn't worried and just told me as long as she doesn't turn orange like a pumpkin we are good. I'm not used to this jaundice thing--the boys never had that but he tells me we are good that she just has a touch. So back to going home---lucky for me mama lives next door. SO the baby and I went there for a few hours while James was busy sanitizing the house from top to bottom. Thank goodness whatever he had was gone by the afternoon guess it was 24 hr and NOONE else is showing signs of that. We were beginning to wonder if it was something he ate yesterday. I digress.....

So around 8:30 in the evening I finally get to bring my baby girl HOME to HER house. Her brothers and her daddy were SUPER excited to see her. Of course the boys couldn't understand why she wouldn't open her eyes. They just made over her like nothing I have ever seen. They are so sweet to her. What fun days we have ahead....

Oh and today is Papa's birthday on top of everything else so HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAPA!!! We love you!

Here is the picture we had done at the hospital:This was the gown that James wore as a baby and David, Amy and Abbey wore home from the hospital. It was so special to have this for our sweet baby girl!

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