Monday, December 31

End of 2007

Wow have we got alot to say for this year! 2007 has been good to the Spence House as I hope it has been to you and your family. We have laughed, cried, played and gone a little bit more nuts. All in all it was a good year. Lots of it is on the blog already. Will celebrated his 1st birthday, lots of fun and good times with the family, Jake turned 3, both the boys went to Mother's Day Out, James turned 35 with a bang!, my mom moved in next door, it was the best Halloween ever, we celebrated the birth of our first baby girl Alaina Claire, we had an awesome Christmas and I turned 30!! WOW what a year. We have lots and lots of good, bad and indifferent memories of 2007, each just as special as the first. We can't wait to see what 2008 has in store for us. We do know that we are blessed to be together as a family and relish in all of the wonderful things our kids teach and show us every day. Thank you God for that!

As for resolutions---I'm not really big on them but here are a few I've come up with:

1. patience--it is a virtue and one I wasn't blessed with much of--so more patience in 2008
2. cook dinner more often
3. finish Jake's 1st year scrapbook
4. start on Will's 1st year scrapbook (hehe)
5. spend more time with my hubby alone (don't laugh--this is like 0 right now so anything is better than nothing even if it is 5 minutes)

6. volunteer my time (don't ask how--I'm just gonna do it)

7. Actually keep up with/write down the 1st year things Alaina Claire does (poor Will)
8. Exercise
9. Prioritize my time during the day to be able to enjoy my time with my children
10. Take my Southern Living at HOME business to the next level

That is it for me--as I look at them--that is an awful lot to strive for---but I am pretty sure I am up for the challenge this year. I will be coming back to this to check in on myself periodically as I am so sure I will forget half of these as soon as I post. =)

Many blessings to all of you in 2008!!


Kim said...

with all those resolutions - we might not talk much this year!! hehehe - Don't you think you are busy enough without even doing a couple of those??? As far as the alone time - I'm cutting all that out - you should too {for awhile anyways} - you already got 3 kids!!!

Mommy said...

These are not resolutions...they are mere suggestions. That way if you don't reach all of them (AKA EXERCISE and ALONE TIME) you won't beat yourself up. :-)

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