Monday, April 7

Spoke too soon...

Well I should have never written it down on here. It appeared that AC was better last night--well all day really. But this morning she woke throwing up again. Will call the Dr when they open.....we will see what the day brings. Back to a little fluid every hour, then a little more the next time....yada yada... fun stuff!

Potty Update

Thought I would give you guys an update on Jake's potty success. We are 1 week and 2 days in now and he is doing GREAT!!! Did I say GREAT?!! I am so amazed. I mean don't get me wrong I have all the confidence in the world in my little man it's just that he has not been interested for so long that I think I thought he was gonna go to kindergarten in a diaper. Anyway, we now wear regular underwear ALL day. He is still trying to get the poopy in the potty part down but other than that I don't even have to go make him sit on the potty anymore because he tells me every time and is even starting to attempt to go on his own. Right now he stays dry through naptime so we wear regular underwear and he has stayed dry through the night all but the first night! Now I am not crazy or anything he IS wearing a pull up to bed. I won't give that up for a long time. Anyway, we are SUPER PROUD of our Jacob Nolan---he is a big boy now! Woo hoo!

As a treat today he got to go see Horton Hears a Who, eat popcorn, Raisinettes and a coke-- he had a blast! Thanks Gramps for taking us !!{Mommy & Jake}

Cross your fingers because Will is SOOOO interested and he goes sometimes when Jake does now. He's next. My goal is down to one pack of diapers by the end of the summer!!!! There I wrote it down so I HAVE to achieve it---little people willing of course.

Sunday, April 6

She's a Trooper!

Well if we didn't know it already we definitely know after this weekend. Our baby girl is a trooper! Ended up at the Dr office Thursday to find out that she has an ear infection---you read it right at 3 and a half months old an EAR INFECTION. So of course we get 3 1/2 months old....ugh! So if the high fever, hurting ear and restless nights weren't enough for her. She woke up Saturday morning in a MUCH better mood and we were excited only to have it dashed by a vomiting session midday. When I mean vomit that is what I mean not spit up. First off none of my kids really spit up and when they do it is just a little bit SO I knew this was throw up. {what is up with all this crud at the Spence House---now a stomach virus too?!!} Other than the obvious limiting the fluids which HACKED this little girl off--she was just as sweet as could be through the whole thing. She would even smile while she was puking. Poor baby! Anyway, to make a long story short thankfully this icky mess left as quick as it came about midday today. Tonight she started back on a regular eating schedule and is resting well as we speak and now back to trying to get over the ear infection and that is it!

The picture above is her taking in some sun during her walk around the yard with Daddy this afternoon after her not so fun past 24 hrs. She was ready for some fun!

Tuesday, April 1

Sneak Peek

Ok I couldn't stand it! We had Alaina Claire's 3 month pictures taken today. My friend Krista with Krista Lee Photography always does an outstanding job but buddy she outdid herself today. Of course it is my first girl.... so maybe that is it!! Anyway, she has already sent me some sneak peeks {yay!} and I thought I would share with you. The blanket in the one picture is her coverlet from her bedding and I am so digging the red in the other picture. Enjoy!

Jake Funnies

Ok I thought I would share a few funny/cute things Jake has been saying or doing lately.

When we have breakfast in the morning we eat BEAGLES {aka bagels}
On pizza nights we always have to have BROOMSTICKS too {aka breadsticks}
For snack when we are good in the afternoon we get to have LICKSICLES {aka popsicles}

I got my mother's ring James gave me for Valentine's Day {more on that later} and Jake noticed it and asked what it was and I told him each color was for each of them, my kids. Red {ruby} was for him, light blue {aqua} was for Will and the dark blue {blue topaz} was for Alaina Claire. He looked at me funny and said but where's Daddy??? I thought for a second and then pointed to the diamond of my engagement ring and just said that is Daddy. He looked at me with the biggest eyes and sort of suprised look and said WOW MOMMY! {the stones on the mother's ring aren't too big it is very simple so the diamond was like whoa! to him} He has asked me all of these questions several times now it is too cute!

This morning as we were driving to school he said can I go on a train mommy? I said sure we can go sometime. He said no do you think I can be a train man when I grow up? I told him about Conductors and he said YES. Right then we passed McDonalds and he said Mommy I think I will cook at McDonald's too. Can I do that? I said of course you can son. He said I will be a train man and cook at McDonald's when I grow up. I said that sounded great. He said and you know what mom---if I cook at McDonald's I bet they would let you come play! {hahaha}

Now that he is pee peeing in the potty we of course have been telling him he is doing a good job alot lately. So he has started saying he is a Good Jobber. =) I'm not sure where that one came from because he actually has said it a few times before that I am a good jobber mommy.

That is all I can think of for now. He makes me laugh with something every day.