Wednesday, June 27

Yeah, I know I'm cute!

Tuesday, June 26

Made good on the CEC!

So we made good on the Chuck E Cheese promise today and at the same time got to visit and play with our friends Lyndi & Steve and their girls Amy and Becca. The promise was of course from the wedding --"if you wear your 'costume' we'll take you to CEC". Just a sidenote that there was no WE just ME with my two kids--yes it was during the week during the day and HE had to work BUT STILL....Steve took off!! =) (Just kidding dear) So the kids had a great time as you can see for the entire TWO AND A HALF hours we were there. Note what baby Becca did the whole time, ahh the life of a baby! You know it is time to go when they start to climb on top of the rides instead of wanting to get in them. Let's get outta here...and we did! Thanks for the good time guys--we'll do it again sometime--I know Steve will mark it on his calendar for sure! LOL


No matter how many times you tell them, they just keep trying. We try to tell them it will hurt...well Will found out the other day what a door feels like smashing his finger. Poor little guy! and it was just before the wedding too....what a day! BUT did that stop him literally 5 minutes later from slamming the door again? No. That is his thing if he goes in or out the door has to be shut. Someday they will learn....

Can you say OUCH!

Monday, June 25

The wedding...

The long awaited post is here! Sorry it took so long to update. SO.......drumroll please..........He did NOT walk down the aisle......BUT he DID get into the tux!! Yay! The bride and groom were ok with it I think. It took us about an hour and a half to get into the tux and stop crying at the drop of a hat. Then we were able to get pictures with the bride and groom but NO we didn't want to be in the bridal party pictures. He finally decided everything was ok just before the wedding started. Daddy was the one good at convincing him to go down the aisle so Mommy was planted near the front with fruit snacks and LOVEY. Even with those so tempting things PLUS talk of Chuck E Cheese...did it work? started down the aisle and got just inside the back door and looked up and decided Nope not doing this and turned around and went back to Daddy. Oh well, we tried. Then of course at the reception you would have never known how long it took us to get him in that tux because he was running all over the place playing with everyone. All in all, I think it was a success. Pictures but no walking but hey....maybe next time....JUST KIDDING....Never again!!! =)

**In the pictures you see him getting dressed, then deciding things might not be so bad, then what looks like if he were to walk but don't let it fool you he was going to the "party" as he called it with "birthday cake" AKA the reception and wedding cake. Then I included a picture of the happy couple James snapped right as they were coming out of the church!

Wednesday, June 20

At the Park with Gramps....

Gramps comes up every week to have lunch. Today we decided to get lunch and take it to the park. Once we ate we played a bit and then walked around the pond to the ducks. Jake had a great time feeding the ducks with Gramps. As you can see, Will was mainly watching from his nice, comfy stroller--though he threw a few pieces out, most ended up in his mouth. When Jake finally got tired he took a pretty cool ride back to the car. Thanks for a fun day at the park Gramps!

Tuesday, June 19

Had to share...

Just got a copy of this picture last night from some that were taken at James' family Easter this year. Jake was so funny--he was running around with this hat on saying "I'm the Easter Bunny, I'm the Easter Bunny!" He looked so darn cute I had to share! =)

Sunday, June 17

Happy Father's Day

**Disclaimer--all photos taken with my cell phone--sorry for the quality--digital camera to come soon--I promise!

Hope everyone had a great father's day. We did at our house. The boys had a blast playing outside with daddy with our rigged sprinkler (aka the hosepipe) and in the little bitty fishing pool that the boys have. They all decided to get in it, Daddy included. Yes, a bigger pool is on the list but whatever works at the time is what we do!!

Friday, June 15

Yum Yum Yum!

At least the mole hills in our yard are good for something. They make GREAT mud pies....yummy!

Thursday, June 14

Who would have thought?

This up above.....yes this is the culprit! Who would have thought an innocent cute little tux would have caused SO MUCH havoc! I guess it was me who went into this blindly thinking "my son is a good boy, he'll do fine, we're just trying on tuxes....for Travis" (that is important later).

Here is the story: Jake was asked to be the ring bearer in James' cousin Lea Ann and Travis' wedding--ok fine no big deal. =) Jake idolizes Travis (see picture below where they are intently chatting at his last birthday). He always wants to know where Travis is, can I play with Travis, when are we going to see Travis? Right, so we have been telling him you get to be in Lea Ann and Travis' wedding and you get to dress just like Travis!! Sounds like fun right? He thought so UNTIL yesterday when we got to the tux shop. The nice unknowing sales lady gave us a tux sent us to the dressing room we shut the door all while poor Lea Ann was outside the door taking care of Will (she and Travis will probably never have children now). I have never seen my child act so bad in my life. Screaming, crying, tears, snot, red faced, made himself hot, kicking--you name it--ALL while I was calmly (yes I was still calm albeit maybe a little threatening though nothing was working) trying to put this cute little suit on him. At that point he didn't even care if Travis had one just like it "I don't want to be like Travis!" and that is saying something.

In the end can we just say the Biggest Fit of His Life didn't end until I got the last article of clothing off of him. Thank God that one fit and we didn't have to go any further.

YEP--so Jake is going to be in a wedding....ummm....guess what I am trying to say is STAY TUNED to next weekend---which is the big day on Saturday to see if ALL the prepping in the world and probably promises of whatever we can think of that he LOVES to do will hopefully work and we can at least get him IN the tux--I'm not even worried about down the aisle at this point---just getting IN the tux. So we will see...

For Lea Ann and Travis---it will be fine--don't worry about Jake--we hope. Travis you might need to do some damage control before next Saturday though. =)

Monday, June 11

Daddy, what happens when you kick the ball really hard into the air?

It gets stuck in the very top of the highest tree in the yard, that's what happens son.

Fyi...after a million football throws at the the big green ball and the branches that held it yes the ball finally came down. BUT not without one of the mini National Guard footballs that saved it getting stuck in the tree too! It's status...still in the tree.

Here we go...

Everyone always wants to see pictures and know how things are going. This is your chance to keep up with the Spences. I will try my best to post as often as I promises. This way you can see the crazy stuff our house is made of and pictures too! I will warn you our digital camera is on the blink and has been for awhile now. SO this may be the biggest reason for not so many posts until we get that taken care of. These are just random fun ones for now. Enjoy!