Monday, December 24

Santa made his stop!!

Lucky for 3 little sleeping kiddos--Santa decided to come to our house again this year! Although it took Santa quite a bit longer to put together the big gift he had for Jake, Will and Alaina it all got done and was ready when they woke up Christmas morning. {10 minutes.....yeah hour and a half later....hehe...and thus begins our long Christmas Eve nights I can imagine!} The big deal this year was a kitchen with all the bells and whistles. Plenty of things to open and buttons to push, noises, a oven light and a real clock--not to mention all the food that both boys love to eat. really

Here is what our living room looked like once Santa left and no there aren't any other presents under the tree because one little almost 2 year old would have opened them for all of you. So the tree looks a little bare not to mention no ornaments at the bottom of the tree because of same said little person who liked to take them all off. haha

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Holly said...

nice kitchen! Looks like you had some good kids this year!

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