Thursday, November 6

a 10 month old, an airplane and suppertime...OH MY!

Well that about wraps up what the rest of my day entails. Oh my!! Just got done packing so that Alaina Claire and I can fly up to see my friend April to help her out with her nursery before her baby comes. Still have to go pick up the boys and then AS SOON AS I get back from getting them leave for the airport with AC. I haven't flown in forever and have yet to take one of my children on a plane so all these new rules about 3 oz of liquid and only 2 free bags or whatever---I have had to brush up on all of that.

Anyway, we will be departing right about the time that AC eats supper so here's hoping that what we eat before we leave the house for the airport and all the little snacks she gets on the plane will be enough. AND here's hoping that she doesn't decide that all the people on the plane need to hear her wonderful yet shrill scream she loves to do. AND here's hoping that she will be in a good mood in general since her nap schedule is ALL OFF today!! Woo hoo!! Yay me at least April's mom is traveling with me so I will have help. There will be two laps for her to roam around in instead of one for the hour and a half we will be on the plane.

I have LOTS O snacks---LOTS O toys---LOTS O books---and Motrin if I get desperate! =) {only kidding.......well not really}

Wish us luck! See ya when we get back and I promise to update with Halloween pics then. Have a great weekend!!

Wednesday, November 5


We need a re-vote over here. Can we rewind 24hrs because.....wait.....I have a write-in!!! He is the best candidate out there....I promise! He will make our country a better place no doubt about it!!


I love it!!!

Tuesday, November 4


The Spence House is excited about what's to come! What an amazing and historic election we have just witnessed. Awesome story to be able to tell......


I hope everyone is taking advantage of one of the basic privileges we have here in our United States of America. In case you are living under a rock....TODAY is the day we elect our next President.

SO if you haven't done so already......get out and VOTE!!! We live in the land of the free and home of the brave people......get out and be a part of the future....right now!


Change is coming......