Tuesday, December 25

Christmas at Yaya and Papa's

In the afternoon we packed it up and headed over to Papa and Yaya's house to have Christmas with them and Aunt Abbey and Uncle Dustin. Yet again we got to eat before we opened gifts and Papa out did himself with a full spread for breakfast in the afternoon with YUMMY food including chocolate milk (my fave). I didn't get a picture of it but can I just tell ya under their tree looked like there were enough presents for the entire neighborhood. And this year (unfortunately) our kids were the only kids there. Amy, Riley and Brad stayed in TX and Dave and Liz celebrated with her family in MD. So it was us, Abbey & Dustin and Papa & Yaya and enough presents for 100 people. (a little exaggerated but not much--haha) Needless to say the kids racked up with all their cool clothes and toys that they got.

I think Jake got 2 favorite gifts one is a super cool dragon/dinosaur thing to go with his big T-Rex one he got for his birthday.

The other was a dinosaur "costume" if you will it was a head and two feet and when you move it roars and sounds like a dinosaur stomping--Aunt Abbey found that cool gift. He loves it!!

By far Will's favorite gift was his very own, looks really real Dirt Devil Vacuum!!! You heard it Will got his own vacuum--for those that have paid attention to the blog you will note Will LOVES to vacuum. That is the coolest gift ever for him--Thanks Papa and Yaya!!

Alaina Claire got some super cute clothes--much needed--yay!! Check her out in the background of the first picture with her little santa hat on! The boys had a blast and got to hang out with everyone and play for a good bit afterward before we headed over to Yaya's family Christmas (the Carts). All in all it was a success!! 4 down.....1 more to go.....

Aunt Abbey was holding Alaina Claire and as you can see someone was jealous

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