Tuesday, December 25

Cart Christmas

Christmas night is always reserved for Christmas with the Carts. This is James' mom's side of the family. (for those who have been around--you know the one with 60+ people in it). We always gather at Aunt Shelia and Uncle Kenny's house they have a big open downstairs and that is where we do Christmas. Yet again I wish I had taken a picture but alas I did not. With all the gifts that everyone brings plus all the people that pile in down there it's hard to see across the room or for that matter there could be someone amidst the gifts in the middle of the room and you would never know. I had never seen anything like it until I came here for the first time. All of the kids have an awesome time because it is just mass chaos. No matter what we do every year to try to keep it organized so we know who got what and can possibly get to see the kids open gifts---it just turns into mass chaos.

So in the spirit of mass chaos there were no pictures taken of anyone opening anything. We had to have help from Lea Ann just to keep it all straight with all 3 of our kids!!

Needless to say all of our children well and Mommy and Daddy included were very blessed with Lots and lots of cool clothes and toys and other fun stuff at the Cart Christmas. Thanks everyone for always making it so special for the kids. They LOVE IT!!!

We did get one very special picture while we were there. This was the first time James' grandmother got to see Alaina Claire:

Alaina Claire with her Great Granny Gaynell

The boys did get to rough house some with their Great Uncle Phillip once some of the people cleared out and there was room to run around. You can see where he was bonking their heads together and then throwing them in the floor. What a fun uncle!!! (HAHA I am SOOOO just kidding about that he would never hurt them but that sure is what it looks like in the pictures) hee hee =)

5 down.....NONE to go---whoopee!!!!! hi ho hi ho its off to our house we go......

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