Thursday, December 18

It's My Birthday and I'll Cry Party if I Want To!

December is Party Central here at The Spence House for Birthdays. We aren't done yet still another coming in a couple of days. {that doesn't include 2 uncles later in the month}

Anyway, I thought I would participate in my Happy Birthdaying too, why not?! So.....

Happy Birthday to Me!!!

Me & my Sis

Yes I had to search for a picture where I looked halfway decent
You know not in my pj's with no makeup staring holes through the person behind the camera for taking the picture smiling usually on the couch or in the rocker donned with at least ONE of my five hundred three kids......oh wait am I wallowing in self pity complaining??....ok I'll's my BIRTHDAY woo and I'll be happy. 31 years is here and I will embrace it! whatever it's too late early and I don't even know what I am typing about.

On another note we got our external hard drive fixed so I can now find all the pics of those things that I will never haven't yet blogged about and will hopefully get them on here soon.

Can you tell the strikethrough is my new obsession toy?! Thanks MckMama!

Wednesday, December 17

It's Papa's Birthday!!

Today is Papa's birthday. We went over there tonight to celebrate with him and have dinner {that he cooked on his birthday....I know what the?} It was yummy Steve Spence spaghetti though and noone can pass that up!! This is a pic we grabbed right before leaving. Everyone is in their jammies {well actually we came over in them} and Will has on a hat Papa gave him to wear.

Happy Birthday Papa!!!

The Spence House

Tuesday, December 16

Early Christmas at Mickey D's

Amy, Jake and Will patiently waiting for their food......HA!

So we always get together with our friends Lyndi and Steve and their girls, Amy and Becca, at Mickey D's. It's just the best place to meet with all of our kids and not worry about who is where and who is screaming for what because let's face it at the Playplace someone is ALWAYS it doesn't matter. Therefore all future Hopkins/Spence weeknight dinner meets are at Mickey D's. Nuf said. {don't worry we wash hands REAL good when we leave...swear}

Tonight we exchanged Christmas gifts and the kids had a big time playing together. The little ones even got in on the action--in fact Becca went all the way up to the top and slid down! I was impressed--she is only 18 months!! {Jake JUST now is going up there and playing and Will still won't--we have Playplace scaredy cats} Alaina Claire didn't make it that far but she did play in the tunnels a bit.


Action shot: Will and Becca

Woo hoo mom this is cool!!

Just chillin in here because I am a big girl...oh yeah...I am ONE YEAR old!!

Barely caught a shot of Jake--he and Amy were on the move the
ENTIRE time....never caught Amy.

The men and Little Miss

Sunday, December 14

Happy Birthday Little Miss!!

One year's so hard to believe....time really does fly when you are having fun and let me tell you a girl is SO much fun!! Bows, dresses, pink, tiaras, tea sets....the whole nine yards...too much fun!! We love you and are so proud of you. Can't wait to watch you grow......

Happy Birthday Alaina Claire!

8 days old

3 months

6 months

9 months

One year old!!

Wednesday, December 3

Want something for FREE??

KIM is giving away one of her single letter Classic Collection initial paintings over at the Nesting Place. Go check it out. All you have to do is leave a comment {on the Nesting Place} and you are entered to win. It ends Thursday at midnight.

WHO doesn't want a piece of Small Words art??

Party Like a Rockstar!!!

It's your birthday go's your birthday go YaYa!

James and his mom at our wedding

Today IS James's mother's birthday.
She of course is more affectionately known around our house as

We all wanted to wish you the very best birthday ever!

Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday dear
Happy Birthday to you!!!YaYa, Granny{her mom}, Aunt Susan{her sister}

We Love You!

in love....

What more can you say about THESE FABULOUS pictures that Krista took today of Alaina Claire. I need not say anymore........except go check out Krista's website or or go straight to her BLOG HERE.

Tell me what you think........

Tuesday, December 2

We were appreciated...

This morning Jake's PreK class had a Parent Appreciation Breakfast right when we dropped him off. We all went, Mommy, Daddy, little brother and little sister. Jake was so proud. They had yummy finger foods, coffee, juice and milk. We were able to look around the room a bit and they had the MOST precious DVD running on repeat that had pictures of all of the children. It had the sweetest song playing behind it and Psalm 139 scrolling through. We are SO lucky both teachers in this class literally walk around with their cameras in their pockets. They take thousands of pictures of these kids. The ones they had on the DVD were all super cute close ups. AND lo and behold when we went to Jacob's seat in class there was a present there for us parents and in that present was his colorful hand, the picture from the DVD and a copy of the DVD itself. It was VERY sweet....

The DVD was attached on the back

Then after the bell rang we got to see them do all of their first of the morning routine. Their prayers, picking special person of the day, checking the weather, setting their schedule and singing some songs. We left when they broke out into their small groups.

I always wish I could be a fly on the wall to see what goes on and how my kids act when I am not around. Do you do that too or am I the only one??