Monday, August 27

How's this for a comfy seat?!!

Jake and I usually get up in the mornings before Will. Jake gets to watch a movie/show whichever---probably Baby Einstein (haha-not really!!! for those who know THAT story) Anywho--he gets to do that while I wake up, get dressed you know the morning ritual thing, mainly did I say wake up?! So this morning after doing my thing and checking my email and everyone's blog I go back into the living room to sit with him and this is what I found. He made his own recliner out of two bean bags and the arm of the oversize chair. It was too funny at first glance!

Sunday, August 26

Fun times!

Today we went over to visit our friends Lyndi and Steve and their two girls Amy and Becca. The boys had a blast. They got to swim with Amy in her cool new pool in the backyard. (I think she's checking the temp of the water) hehe

Will was mostly all about riding around on the mini 4 wheeler and the cozy coupe and playing the little house out back while Jake and Amy swam.

Steve grilled an awesome dinner--we even got to eat outside because it wasn't just smoldering at that time of the day. The boys, especially Jake, didn't want to leave all the cool toys behind but with promises of coming back another day, we finally had to make our way home. Most importantly of all (not really--but I am excited about it). Mommy was able to get some girly clothes that Amy and Becca have outgrown!! Yay girl stuff--I'm so excited.

Thanks guys!! We had a great time and will have to do it again soon!

Thursday, August 23

Crazy Cats!!

Milo & Maggie
(our first two children)

This is what my desk looks like when I try to work at night after everyone has gone to bed! No comments on the mess I don't even want to hear it. You should see the rest of it. Anyway, I was just sitting here trying to actually write in my planner on my desk and I kept moving it around and I finally realized what I was doing. Not one but BOTH cats were keeping me company tonight and I was working around THEM. I guess I'm a softy because half the time I don't even realize it then by the time I get frustrated with them they jump down. Tonight I caught them in the act----sleeping on my workspace---with me right there---trying to work. Crazy Cats!!

Wednesday, August 22

Where does milk come from?


Here's the set-up. Jake was asking for his milk in a very whiny manner so Daddy decided to ask him where milk came from to torture him really. remember Jake's voice....very whiny!

J: I want my milk!
Daddy: Do you know where milk comes from Jacob?
J: Nooo I want my milk!
Daddy: What animal does it come from?
Daddy: Does it come from sheep?
J: silence
Daddy: Does it come from horses?
J: silence
Daddy: Jacob if you tell me what animal milk comes from, I'll go get your cup.
J: ........(lightbulb) JACOB!!!!! big smile on his face

mommy and daddy laughing hysterically and thinking ?!?! but then back to Jacob..

J: Can I have my milk puhleeeeese!!!

So yes he finally got his milk after we explained that milk does indeed come from cows not from Jacob. Guess he thought that is where it goes to/comes from--what's the difference. We even went on to the farmer milks the cows and sends the milk to the store where we buy it. I added that this is what mommy's PaPa used to do.

Not impressed.....He just wanted his milk!

Tuesday, August 21

Be sure to scroll down...

I have back dated some posts back to last Wednesday so be sure to scroll down. Sorry I will get better about posting when it happens.....its hard to keep up. But hey I am trying!!

Sunday, August 19

Musician in the family

We found a harmonica that we didn't know we had cleaning out today. Actually, Riley Mo, sorry baby, I think it is yours from a LONG time ago. Anyway, Jake started playing it. He sounds way better than Daddy or Mommy. I mean he sounded pretty darn good--we didn't have to take it away because it hurt our ears or anything. GO JAKE!

Will is of course his biggest fan!

Saturday, August 18

Carnival Birthday

The birthday crew: Hannah, Brian Jr, Kristen

We went to an awesome birthday party today! See above for birthday people. It was a big time. They had lots of games, face painting, a huge castle bouncy inflatable thing, yummy food and even COTTON CANDY! (mommy's favorite) I really think there were 100 people there or at least it seemed like it with all the kids running around. Brian and Holly got it right doing ALL the kids birthdays together! Smart. The boys had a big time playing with all of their cousins. The best was that cousin Riley Mo was in town and they got to play with her the night before at Yaya and Papa's house and then tonight at the party! The 3 of them always have a good time playing together. Fun stuff!! There's lots of pictures of the cousins too! Enjoy!!

How do I get outta here?!?!

Really he just thought it was cool to press his face against the netting.

Pretty girl Riley Mo playing her cool guitar with her face painted!

Caleb keeping up with Emma Grace and Will

Check out Cayleigh's face paint! Grrrr!

Ok this is my absolute favorite picture of all. This was from the most hilarious game ever--the fruit roll up game! I think the big kids had more fun than the little ones with this game.

Check out Brian and Kari!!!

I think it is safe to say.....a GREAT time was had by all!!!

Friday, August 17

We do have quiet time....

Jake is reading to Mommy. He can read til the cows come home. He has been like that since 6 months old with books. Let's hope it stays that way through school!

Big Backyard

Milo and Will are chilling in the clubhouse. Milo is pumping Will up to go down the "big" slide by himself--which he still won't do.

The kids love to play in the back yard. They run themselves silly one plus of having a big yard. The minus is that prego over here has to try to keep up with them. It's cool though they know if they don't stay in the backyard they have to go in so we have it down now. A fence would help though....maybe in the future!

YES this is yet another sprinkler that we have. After the redneck sprinkler situation--we now have 3. Everyone made sure our kids weren't missing out. We not only have Elmo, but a cool big beach ball one and now Spidey. Very cool cuz the water shoots out his hands like web and he spins around. Lots of action. The kids love the water and hey it helps our grass out too!

Wednesday, August 15

Fun Swim pics

We have had the chance to go swimming several different times in the past few weeks at several different pools. We've been to Aunt Charlotte's, Amy C.'s and the latest is the pool at Lea Ann and Travis' condo. The boys have had a big time and today when we went Jake decided to swim around the shallow end all by himself and didn't want to get out. This is a far cry better than last summer when all he would do is play around OUTSIDE the pool for the most part. Will on the other hand loves the water and has from the beginning.

We only have pics from Aunt Charlotte's---this means NiNi and Lea Ann---please send us your pics from our other outings as Mommy didn't take any! =) You'll see cousins John Parker and Heath in some of these pics too!

Tuesday, August 14

Potty time!

Well I decided today was the day for potty time for everyone!! Potty time for us hasn't really existed as of late. Jake hasn't had anything to do with what did I do..move on to Will. Not really but since Will has shown his exhibitionist side lately, what with the taking his pants AND diaper off any chance he can get, I decided to try him on the potty. He has always had an interest but when I went to get him from his nap one day and he was completely naked and his diaper thrown into Jake's bed, I decided I needed to make more of an effort.

SO, today was the day and I am proud to report---although I KNOW it is too soon--that Will has gone pee pee on the potty now 6 times!!! today and only one accident so far. YES I SAID WILL--and he was even dry when he woke up from his nap! Jake on the other hand is making it very difficult. He thinks he can tell me he has gone pee pee and I won't know that there is no pee pee in the potty!!! But of course I know and I tell him I know and to keep trying and he just doesn't like that--too many other things to do. There are rewards involved and I'm thinking that if Will is going for it--maybe it will give Jake the umph he needs to JUST DO IT!!! (isn't it supposed to be the 3 year old teaching the 17 month old not the other way around?!) Oh well I don't care as long as I am one less in diapers sometime in the near future---let's say BEFORE December!

No time for pictures--I have been "pottying" all day! haha =) will post some later

Tuesday, August 7

When I leave the room...

Ok for maybe a little more than 5 minutes. BUT I am walking by constantly looking in and listening to what they are doing, while getting other things done.

Here is what it looks like and this is what happens!

Trashed out toyroom

Oh you wanted to play in the shelf you emptied and then overturned did you Will??? Didn't think about getting stuck!
Yes after running to get the camera and take the picture I got him out.

Who built the ark?

Noah! Noah!

Who built the ark?

(in this case) Brother Jacob built the ark!

Jake put most of his animals on the couch together and yes we have two of most everything and once he got them up there he told us they were in the ark because it was raining! Very inventive he is and very observant. They all started out standing up but with ALL of them in one spot they kind of ended up piled together. Doesn't matter because they were safe! Take note because Lovey made it too along with several dinosaurs, of course.

Monday, August 6

Pink Rules!

Sugar and spice and everything nice that's what the newest Spence baby is made of....

It's a Girl!!

We had our ultrasound this morning and everything looked perfect and still a due date of Christmas Day, but will probably be earlier because of c-section. No name yet, but we'll keep you posted...

Jake and Will don't know what they are in for. A Bomar girl combined with a Spence girl into one child----look out!! Here are a couple of pictures.

Phillip you owe Kyndall $5!
Thanks to all of those who commented---I loved it!!

Peek-a boo!


Friday, August 3

Pink or Blue??

I want to know what you think new Baby Spence is going to be. Post a comment with your vote. We have our ultrasound on Monday and you can find out if you guessed right!!

You can post a comment without having a blogger sign in. Just click other and type in your name.

Thursday, August 2

Back to Bloggin'

Ok sorry I haven't updated since we've been back but we've had alot going on!! We had a great time on our vacation to the mountains. I have backdated the blogs for the days we were gone so you can check out what we did! So page back through so you can read them. Enjoy!