Sunday, July 29

Fido the Duck

I had to mention this. Yes this was the day we came home, but I had to include a picture of what my dad has lovingly named "Fido" the duck that hung out around our house the whole time we were there. We were staying right on a creek/river I don't know. But still he was the only duck around.

Why the name?? This duck never spoke and only panted like a dog AND wagged his tail all the time! here he is.... see ya fido!

Saturday, July 28

Happy Birthday Ni Ni!

Today was also my sister Stef's 19th birthday! Boy did she have fun spending it at the Dinosaur Museum and such! haha Anyway, I think she had a good day and we had birthday cake after dinner. We also got to go out and see our Uncle Ronnie's brother Brad play in a band that night. All in all I think it was a good birthday! Happy Birthday, sis! Love ya!! (you're not supposed to be that old, by the way!!)

Had to include this picture of Jake. EVERY birthday cake since his 1st year he

thinks he has to eat with his hands!

Dino Museum & Hiking in the Mountains

Today we went to the Dinosaur Walk Museum in Pigeon Forge. It was pretty cool. They didn't have every dinosaur but they had LOTS and it was very easy to walk through and the dinos were lifesize. Of course, this was right up Jake's alley. He was in awe and didn't want to leave!

Jake says "check this out guys!"
at the huge T-Rex--couldn't get a
great picture of it. It was dark and the
T-rex was REALLY big!

That afternoon after naps we decided to actually get up in the mountains for a little bit.
We walked a little trail just inside the Smoky Mountain National Park where we got to see the Little Pigeon River, etc. The whole time we were driving through the park we were trying to show the boys the mountains (that we kept saying we were in and they didn't get it) and of course true to their name it was "smoky" and hard to see. We finally went to Newfound Gap right on the TN/NC border and right at the beginning of that trail they have a ledge thing where you can take the steps up and look out. When Jake saw this he said "oh is that the mountain?" Since I really wanted him to have "fun" in the mountains I said yes. Buddy when he got to the top of that thing he did think he was king of the mountain. So now Jake thinks he has climbed to the top of a mountain. (to him whatever mountain we were trying to show him in the first place he didn't know) We took lots of video of that but no pics. It was pretty cute! Here is the one we did get...

On top of "the mountain"

Friday, July 27


Off we go...

Today we went to Dollywood with the boys. We got there when it opened and didn't leave til it closed. They both had a blast! From all the rides they got to go on, to Veggie Tales Live!, to the carousel, to playing in the Treehouse water area, to the bird show and so much more there was lots to do! Check out the pictures...

Will waved the entired time and Jake didn't like being bothered for a picture! They would have ridden those rides all day long if we had stayed in that one spot. They loved it! Aren't they cute riding together. Will liked to drive all the ones that had a steering wheel and was all about pushing the buttons.

We went to see the Veggie Tales Show with not only Bob the Tomato and Larry the Cucumber but The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything AND the Vikings!! This was very exciting for Jake. Will?? He slept through the entire performance!

Of course we had to have Viking hats to remember the occasion!

Jake was able to ride a couple of rides we thought he was still to little for this year. Turns out he was tall enough! He wasn't sure when they first sat down but he loved it! He rode with Ni Ni and Daddy.

Fun in the water play/treehouse area. Jake found a puddle and stayed in it the whole time. Yes I brought bathing suits and Will wore his but Jake made it up there before I could do anything about it. Good thing I brought a change of clothes too!

Last but not least is the dragon hat that Daddy had to have for the boys! I must say they have enjoyed it and it is too cute.

Thursday, July 26

Off to the mountains...

Well we are off for a few days for a vacation in the mountains with the boys. We are going with my parents and my sister. Yes we are visiting the themepark there so wish us luck! Will update when we return. Have a great weekend everyone!

Wednesday, July 25

Worth a thousand words....

We had some pictures done of Will this month. Krista did an awesome job as always--be sure to visit her website at . Thought I would tease you with a few. Now don't try copying them off of here if you would like a copy let me know! Will is 16 months in these pictures. Enjoy!

Monday, July 23

Little Red Riding Hood?



Just Will with red pj pants on his head!!

Saturday, July 21

A day on the farm...

Happy Birthday Gale!

The boys with Net Net, Aunt Gale and Aunt Charlotte not pictured (cuz they already fled the scene) Nooge, Uncle Stan and Uncle Ronnie

Thursday was my Aunt Gale's birthday and we went down to surprise her. She just had back surgery and hasn't been able to get out so she was super excited to see us (especially the boys). Aunt Gale and Uncle Stan have all kinds of cool things at their house. We got to see turkeys, guineas, chickens, horses, baby guineas, many bee hives along with the yummy honey, the dog Callie and last but not least Birdie their cockatoo that lives in the house with them. Jake was looking forward to seeing the animals all day long and as soon as we got there in true Jake style he wanted to know where the farmer was (aka Uncle Stan.) Anytime we see a barn or a place where there are any type of animals he wants to know where the farmer is. The farmer is always supposed to be right by his barn and animals---right? In Jake's world (and our Little People Barn) he is. The "farmer" took the boys on a tour to see all the animals. Enjoy the pictures!

Callie the dog who Will would rather chase around than look at much else.

Jake dressing up like "the farmer"

Uncle Stan with Birdie from a visit when Jake was 9 months old!

Tuesday, July 17

Pictures of family fun from last month

I wanted to post a few pictures that got left out from last month during the "wedding" time and all of that drama. Aunt Amy, Uncle Brad and cousin Riley came into town and the boys got to play with them and Aunt Abbey over at Papa and Yaya's house.

Thanks for playing hide and seek outside
with me AFTER DARK!! yay

During the "let's see who can scream the loudest" fest that Yaya loves to start with the kids and Papa hates, Will breaks into an aria?

Cousin Riley and her cool cast!

This is what it looks like trying to get a picture of all three kids together--we have never done it very successfully, as you can see!

Piled up in the bed with Aunt Abbey watching a movie

Cousin Samantha says "Calm down Will, I just said you were cute!"

Saturday, July 14

The party....

It was all about the dinosaurs. Jake has had this fascination with
dinosaurs and dragons for quite some time now. So Papa made him a T-Rex cake, which he requested, for his birthday party today.

He had a big time with his friends and family! We had the new "real" pool set up and all the kids had a good time playing in the yard.
Jake got lots of cool gifts too as you can see and guess which is his favorite right now? (given the party theme)

As Daddy mentioned tonight I think he would sleep with it if we let him and apparently it scares no one but Mommy although you see he wasn't quite sure about the T-rex at first, but has taken to it indefinitely. Thanks Kyndall and Justin and to Papa and Yaya for the rest of the cool animals that go along with it and make it a
real jungle when we are playing!!

Oh and just to put your mind at ease. Will was not forgotten--he worked the crowd in typical Will style and he had just as good a time as anyone!

It was another great party in the books. Thanks to all who came and had fun with Jake! Here was the scene a mere hour or so after you all left!

He stayed in that position the WHOLE time he slept!

He was one worn out dude!

Friday, July 13

Jake is THREE today!

Our little boy is turning 3! It is so hard to believe. It seems like yesterday we brought him into this world but then again we can't remember life without him. Happy Birthday, Sweet Boy, Mommy and Daddy Love You! So do brother Will and baby too!! We can only hope your awesome personality never changes. You definitely keep us on our toes and let us know when we are not AND you have a way of making us laugh even when we are mad. Never change.....


Determined to blow out that candle!

Tuesday, July 10

Out of the mouths of Spence kids....

Just thought I'd share couple of things Jake has said recently. I have a feeling this will turn into chapters later as I add part 2, part 3, etc....because the funny things they say never stop.

So Jake was sitting playing with Mommy and Daddy and he had his food out with fruits and vegetables and was asking what each one was here is how it went...

Jake: "Daddy what is this one called?"
Daddy: "I'm not sure."
Daddy to Mommy: "Babe, what is this one?"
Jake to Mommy: "Yeah, babe, what is this one?"

Hahaha!!! Couldn't speak for the laughter long enough to tell him it was a plum but that is what it was. =)

This morning we were trying to watch a certain part of Fantasia 2000 that he likes to watch and it kept stopping on us (because apparently we need a new DVD player). Finally, after it had stopped several times and I was trying to make it go or just get to the part with Donald Duck that he wanted, to no avail....Jake says "Mom, I think something screwy is going on here." He knew what he was talking about because obviously it was. =)

Stay tuned for more next time.......

Sunday, July 8

Mud Olympics

That is what was going on at our house today. Cheap fun but messy to clean up!! Don't ask where the holes came from OR the dirt in them OR the water in the yard. Don't ask.....just enjoy the pictures. Oh and if you must know, Will started it--he LOVES mud!

Saturday, July 7

A hiking we will go....

Today we found a neat trail in a city near us that we had never been on before. This one leads out to an old railroad bridge that crosses over the river.

The boys had a great time with Mommy, Daddy and Gramps. Jake had fun playing red light green light and Will ended up with the easy ride for the trip---in the stroller---except at the beginning and end.

After all was said and done everybody was hot and tired. As you can see in the first picture below we just got back in the car and then after cooling off and a small snack not 10 minutes later the second picture was taken.
That's the key wear 'em out so they'll nap good AND at the same time! We're getting to be pros at that. It was a great trip and one we will definitely do again!