Wednesday, December 12

The best laid plans.........

ARE YOU KIDDING??!! Those are imaginary. Where should I start? Guess I'll start with Sunday. We have had plans for quite awhile now to take our kids and go see the lights at Opryland with the Wheelers. What happens first thing Sunday morning??? We wake up to Jake puking. YEP he had a stomach virus. So we had to forego the beautiful Christmas lights and deal with that all day long. I think it started on Saturday but anyway, on to Monday and of course he had crud coming out of his eye. SO yep you guessed now Jake has pink eye and when we tried to eat something on Monday morning all that came back up again so that wasn't over yet either. YAY! Called the dr and got medicine for the pink eye. Of course me already thinking about the next day knowing what would happen---Tuesday--Jake's done with the stomach virus but now has a fever (from the cold he has been fighting) and of course pink eye. (no it didn't go away overnight) So no mother's day out for Jacob today. =( At least he was able to eat and seemed to be feeling pretty good. Gramps came to stay with him while I had my dr's appt {no change--still dilated to 4--ready to go on Friday} and he got to go outside for just a bit with him. He seemed good and laid down to take a nap. When he woke up BOTH of his eyes were oozing. Lovely Yes it looks like it spread to the other eye. It's not that bad and has not gotten that bad--just a little bit and looks nothing like the first one so hopefully it will stay that way. Not sure when he'll get over this pink eye business--we've never had it before--let me tell you--IT STINKS.

{Sidenote} First off, who in the heck decided that putting ointment in a 3 yr old or younger OR older for that matter--putting that in their eye---who EVER in a million years truly thought that could happen. Do you know what a fight I have gone through EVERY SINGLE TIME I have tried to put that ointment in his eyes. Oh yeah I tell him I am doing it for his own good and so his eye will feel better and so he can SEE! Does that matter??? what do you think--nope! Everytime--screaming bloody murder and wiggling all over the place. Imagine pregnant me with a belly the size of Jupiter holding down legs and arms AND at the same time trying to PRY OPEN his eye to get at least the teeeeeniest bit of this stuff in there--pretty funny I am sure if you were to look at it from the outside. BUT from here.......IT STINKS.

So onto Wednesday--today--things seem good--fever is down no more throwing up FOR SURE but we still have that darned ole pink eye! There is one miracle to all of this (as I knock on wood, cross my fingers and stand on my head for luck) Will has NOT gotten any of this mess. Of course my hands, their hands and faces all are so dried out from the washing to keep the spread down--that he better NOT get it.

So the point to this post--yep I had one--was that I had this list with about 8,000,001 things to do on it before Friday when our little one makes her appearance. Ask me how many have gotten done to this point--reminder it is Wednesday--we're talking made the list on Saturday. Ummm let's see.....3. Yeah 3 out of 8,000,001---those are BAD statistics. I must admit--I finished Christmas shopping on Sat with my mom because she is the only one that will put up with me right now out in public. Then Sunday we actually did accomplish some things between the cleaning up puke. BUT the ones that I have been trying to get done like get all of this baby's clothes put away and put up the Christmas decorations, oh yeah and PACK my bag for the hospital. Those things haven't gotten done yet.

I know--I don't want any nasty comments about it will all be here when I get home and that I should take care of myself. I KNOW THAT!!! But if it were you--you would want to get it all done too--especially with Christmas so close!! Aaaaggghhh!

So yeah the best laid plans were laid by a fool because there is no such thing as best laid plans. I'm gonna remember that and just get done what I can (instead of blogging that would probably help--haha) and what doesn't get done will be here when I get back.

Hope everyone else's holidays are going by very smoothly. Sorry for the rant and if you made it this far......Thanks!


Holly said...

It is gonna be alright Rach! I hope the boys dont get any worse.

Amy said...

I love you sweetie! And if you needed help with the shopping, you could have called me. I am always up for that. Now please let me know if you need anything, anything at all!!!! Finally recovered from the party, apartment is still clean but I have a bit of a cold or sinus thing. Depending on Friday, I may come to the hospital on Saturday instead. Again, let me know if you or James need anything. Can't wait to meet the little one!!!!! Have James text me with the details (and your room number) on Friday!

Love you!


Lea Ann said...

If you need anything at all- let me know!

Kim said...

ha - try sitting on Jake's lower half when putting those drops in!! It always works with Hudson!!

We might forgo the hospital after the conversation I had with Lonnie tonight, so we will come to the house - SO - I better see all those DANG Christmas decorations up!! And I mean it!!

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