Friday, July 17

Favorite Foto Friday

The Princess on her throne with her purse, baby, fav video in front of her and let's not forget the rain boots. We HAVE to have the rain boots on!!

Saturday, June 27

She did it again.....

Krista, that is!! We had our yearly photo shoot with her and our pictures turned out awesome!! At least the sneak peeks I have seen on her BLOG. I cannot wait to see ALL of them because she never ceases to amaze! Be sure to click HERE if you haven't figured that out already to go to her blog and see our latest pics.

I have been having our family pic done when each of the kids is 18 months. The past 2 family pics I have been prego again and AGAIN hopefully with the next one we shoot I will be normal size. HA!! We also did this shoot to get AC 18 month, Will 3 yrs and Jacob 5yrs......MY how the time flies!

Don't forget to check Krista Lee Photography out!! She rocks!

Friday, June 19

Favorite Foto Friday-AC style

This is how we entertain ourselves in the car on the way home from a ballgame when we haven't eaten supper yet! ha!
Bet YOU can't do that!!!
Crazy girl!

Monday, June 15

Trying something different....

Hopefully this will force me to actually post what is going on with the fam!!! Cross your fingers. Still not done with it all---trying to decide what I like and don't like of what I have changed.


Friday, May 29

Favorite Foto Friday

Not really sure......all I know is Ni Ni has convinced him to do the Chicken Little dance {from the movie} at his upcoming birthday party. This is what he was practicing....don't ask me which part and YES I will video it when said event happens. Hilarious!!!

Friday, May 22

Favorite Foto Friday

Friday, February 13

Favorite Foto Friday

I SWEAR I am going to catch up the blog. I am here just busy with the kiddos. Not staying up til all hours of the night lately has REALLY cut my blogging time! Since these are the only posts I can seem to get up and not even every week, I thought I would try not to disappoint. More posts on what we've been doing to come.....

This was end of Jan when we had just enough snow to cover my
car and make this eency teency snowman

Friday, January 30

Favorite Foto Friday

Check out that after nap hairdo!

Friday, January 2

Favorite Foto Friday