Thursday, December 6

Kids Wonderland---Parents Nightmare

You said it--Chuck E Cheese!!!! Well that is where we were tonight. James' work is so nice to do a Christmas party not only for the adults but for just the kids too! (I really do mean that is nice--they do lots of fun things for family) This year, like last, they had the party at Chuck E Cheese--what better place right?? Of course it was a night when it was cold, rainy and everyone else had the EXACT same idea. So the place was literally crawling with kids. I KNOW some of you know what I'm talking about. Now, I'm not a person to get anxious or get anxiety but THIS place brings it out in me. Once we braved walking away from our "safe place" at the table in the party area where we were just watching Chuck E dance, etc---we headed straight for the Toddler area. At least it is partially fenced in! The kids had a great time and would have loved it if we had just said GO have a great time. Problem is we never would have seen them again. It was crazy!! Guess they are used to it because of course it doesn't bother my kids---they just keep right on going. Enjoy a few pictures courtesy of one of James' co-workers--thanks!

Will and Daddy pose with Chuck E.

Daddy attempting to help both boys "eat a good dinner" before we play----that only works for Will.

Jake was busy telling me all about what he wanted to go do while he was riding the caterpillar and trying to make it go faster.

Oh--Santa was there too! I was so excited when I found out that Santa was going to be at this Christmas party--that meant I didnt' have to take my kids into the mall to get their picture taken. Well guess who was acting like a big goober and would have nothing to do with Santa???!! Jacob Nolan of course. He is that way when Chuck E Cheese walks around or any other character anywhere for that matter. It's like once they are really life-sized he's not so sure about them. So my ideal picture of them both with Santa never happened. Will of course went up there just fine. James' work took the pictures so I hope to get that one soon and I will post it.
Will was just daring somebody to get him off of there--once he is on one of those rides its definite "fit" time when its time to get down. He loves them!

Jake and Daddy peruse the "big kid area" for something more exciting than riding the caterpillar---and he found plenty!!

No tokens left this time, folks! We did CEC---once again. Probably the last time for quite awhile!! {at least mommy and daddy hope so}

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i can't believe how big the boys are getting

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