Wednesday, December 19

Call me a new mama....

So I started freaking out a little this morning. =) I'm guessing it is because it is a girl. Everything is so different or at least I think it is. I'll brief you. So from the beginning this little bundle of joy decided that she will take at least an hour to nurse and during that time I am having to try to keep her awake the entire time because really she just wants to sleep. SO that is what I have been doing since she has been born. Really nothing else but trying to feed her and then by the time I am done I am doing it all over again. I KNOW I am preaching to the choir to several of you out there. Those that did this and tried to do this I am forever amazed at your patience now because if this happened on my first kid--not so sure I would have done as good or had as much patience as I do now. BUT ANYWAY.....the reason I say all of this is because both experiences I have had with breastfeeding my boys have been just easy breezy. They latched on they ate like gangbusters and then they were done. 20 minutes flat!! They meant business!!!! Not my sweet girl--she likes to take her time. And all of that is fine as long as she will eat......and to the point of this post.

So last night she decided to go like almost 8-9 hrs of no eating--couldn't wake her up to eat longer than like 3 minutes for ANYTHING. {I know some of you are saying are you crazy let her sleep--but folks she is just 4 days old at this point--can't do it yet sorry!} So being that we have this whole tint of jaundice thing going on (remember that I am not familiar with) I started to get nervous. Is she gonna wake up and eat or just sleep the day away?!! OF course I am looking at her thinking that her color has gotten worse but I think that had alot to do with my 3 year old----

here is that quick story--last night he was looking at her hands, feet, etc. He said what color hair does she have and we said dark brown--he just said black and then he said what about her face and of course I looked at James and back at Jake and said I don't know what color do you think it is {remember the dr telling me only if she looks orange like a pumpkin should I be worried} So again I ask what color he thinks her face is----ORANGE!!! My 3 year old said my infant's face looked orange.

SO this morning when I was worried about her eating all I could hear in the back of my head was Jake saying her face looked orange on top off all of that. YES I KNOW...he is a 3 yr old....but he knows his colors and that is what he saw!!! Good grief.

So anyway, we trekked to the dr today. He promptly looked at her and she had not lost weight since the hospital #1 good sign and #2 he looked at her and said her color looks fine. Uh ok Dr K so maybe we jumped the gun but better safe than sorry--holiday coming up you know. {insert cheesy grin here}

OF course as soon as I called the dr this morning as I am trying to change her to go she decided she was hungry--when we got to the dr she decided she was hungry again AND she was AWAKE the entire time we were gone to the dr. Gotta love how kids prove you wrong every time no matter how little they are!

Bottom line she is fine and like the dr said I just have a lazy eater and just wait she will wake up and figure it out soon enough. Ok so I feel better even though I probably could have figured it out on my own given a few more hours but Oh well it's nice to have the Dr say she's ok too. =)

Daddy had to make sure his little girl got her sticker at the dr's office today--nobody is too little for a sticker from the dr you know! {see wide awake!}


Kim said...

hahaha!!!! Glad it wasn't just me!!!

Kim said...
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Kim said...

by the way - this is the picture that looks like Jake - I think it is the expression!!

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