Friday, November 30

Update on baby arrival

First off in case you haven't been on in awhile or HAVE been on in awhile and noticed I haven't posted in FOREVER. I have just updated the past couple of weeks worth of stuff so be sure you scroll down and check it out.

For those of you we don't talk to on a regular basis--just thought I would give you an update. I am scheduled to have a c-section on Friday December 14th. So it appears that is when Miss Alaina Claire will make her debut!! Mark your calendars! I had a c-section with both boys so this time I have no other option for those wondering and that is why we are doing it a little early also since her actual due date is Christmas Day. =)

SO we are trying to get in baby mode in this house. That is just TWO WEEKS from today. AAAGGGGHHHH!!! You would think after two that the third wouldn't be a big deal to get ready for. But #1 it's a girl #2 great time of the year (sarcasm) #3 I already have 2 other kids to tend to #4 trying to find a place for all of her things without her having a room is VERY challenging! But I'm trying to make sure everything is done. yeah right Getting the Christmas shopping over with for one with since I will NOT be getting out after she is born and before Christmas--I'm a smart girl--I know it ain't gonna happen!

So there you have it that is where we are----oh and how am I feeling?--because so many of you have kindly asked (seriously)---I am feeling SUPERB!!! (major sarcasm) Can't help it folks---3rd kid and my body says WHOA!! what are we doing this time??? (honrstly just in the past couple of weeks it started saying that) So I am not really ready at home but I am definitely ready to get this baby out of my body!! So there---you've heard it all---back to my 8 million chores to do in the next 2 weeks. Wish me luck! =)

Monster Spray

Well we have gotten to the point where we need "monster" spray before we go to sleep at night now. That's right--Jake is very into his dreams and aware that all that stuff he sees on TV or in books just MIGHT come into his room. We try to monitor the potentially scary things. And when I say scary--let me tell you---there are some Disney movies we can't watch because they are "scary." AND we definitely can't watch the Grinch as we have been reminded of recently since it is that time of year and he came on TV. Anyway, so it is a nightly ritual now that we spray the monster spray around the room and under both beds every night before we lay down to sleep. (I have to admit--I remember this as a kid--I had monster spray that just was in a regular old spray bottle but it had a smell so my mom must have spiced it up a bit besides just water--sounds like her--but us nope just a bottle with water in it)

Last night was a little different---we get in there to put them to bed and Jake asks where the wolf is?!!! We're like there are no wolves in this house. He keeps on that the wolf might get in his room. To my knowledge he has not seen a wolf recently but who knows!! (I think it might be the grinch--but anyway) SO Daddy says he is going to go get the "Wolf spray" and leaves the room. First off I can also see this turning into we are going to have a spray for everything bad and we are going to be SOL when we run out of spray bottles because he knows that the monster spray is in "this" bottle and NOW the wolf spray is in a different bottle. Oh my!!

Anyway really to the point of my story which is---Daddy comes back in the room armed with wolf spray cleverly disguised in an old Victoria Secret smelly good spray bottle AND he had on his Wolf Mask to make sure he got rid of all the wolves. Well folks--I didn't get a picture--so you will have to picture it in your head and maybe I'll get one next time. He had on one of those gel eye masks that you put on that velcros in the back that has holes cut out for the eyes but you can put it in the refrigerator to keep it cool---YEP he had that on. It was green in case you wondered and NOPE it isn't mine---it is sooo HIS mask. Even more funny, eh?!! That's what I thought. Jake thought it was great though and it worked. As far as I know we had a wolf free house last night. Whoooppeeee!!!

Wednesday, November 28

Why is it?!

That when you really want to get something done your kids DO NOT want to take a nap. Here it is 50 minutes later and all I hear is giggling!!!!!! #@**#@ It might take them 10 minutes sometimes but NO not today apparently we're on close to an hour and counting. All this to say I'm trying to post what's been going on in our world the past couple of weeks, but it might not happen during naptime today......because it looks like we might not HAVE a naptime!!!

God Grant me Patience

Sunday, November 25

Playing with Riley

One of the best parts of Thanksgiving this year was that all of James's siblings were in town so we got to visit with them. Abbey and Dustin live here but Dave and Liz made the trip from Atlanta and Amy, Brad and Riley came in from Texas. Now they everyone is spread apart that only happens like twice a year anymore. AND that meant that Jake and Will got to play with Riley Mo!!!!! That is always a fun time at Yaya and Papa's house when all the grandkids are there!!

Riley was loving on Will--how sweet!

(those are their "sweet" faces--hehe)

Here the boys are listening to Riley make music and then....

They decided to form a band--Jake on the xylophone, Riley on drums and Will on maracas

Everybody posing with Aunt Amy

This one I had to put on here--look at their faces--the kids were SUPER excited about something?!!! What did you guys promise them so they would sit there? hmmmmm......

Probably more of whatever Will had here that he was so happy about:

To keep up with Amy, Riley and Brad and what's happening with them in TX---you can go here cuz they have a blog too!! Check it out! Yes Amy that means you have to update =) sorry!

Saturday, November 24

Fun pictures from Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving in our world this year lasted 3 days!!! We had Thanksgiving with my parents Wed night, then Thanksgiving was spent with James's whole family, then Friday we went to my mom's side in Pulaski for Thanksgiving there.
Wow! Makes you think about all the things you have to be thankful for. I know James and I share this sentiment all the time and it is one of the things that brought us together. We are SO thankful for our families--of course for our boys and soon to be new baby who we are thankful to God for every day---but also for ALL of our extended family! It is so nice to have family to share things with and we love it!! So HAPPY THANKSGIVING Spences, Carts, Bomars and Childresses!! (and all the others in between)
Here are a few pictures of course getting together with family means the boys get to play with all of their cousins and this was no exception--they had a big time!!! Honestly most of them are Will having a big time with his uncles and then tapping out--that's his thing.

Will playing with Uncle Michael and Uncle Gary

Uncle Phillip was in on it too--they had him laughing so hard!!

Sacked out with Uncle Terry--all the fun got to him and no normal mid day nap = late afternoon siesta.

Hanging out with Uncle Dave and Aunt Liz on the couch

Will and Jake playing with John Parker and Heath (who was missing in this picture)

Once again---Will sacked out--this time with Uncle Stan.

Jake got to feed the horses with Richard right before we were leaving on Friday and I think that was the highlight of the day and he got to jump on the trampoline!! good times good times

Wednesday, November 21

Helping around the house

Will loves to help around the house---see---here he is helping Daddy out with the vacuuming in the toyroom! That's what play lawnmowers are for right? I hope he remembers how to do this a few years from now. HA!

Great job Will!!

Tuesday, November 20

Cool Wreath!

Ok I had to show this cool berry wreath that I made. I am so proud. My friend Kim has started these projects on her blog--tutorials if you will-- for the creatively challenged people like me. She always is coming up with some freaking awesome ideas and much to alot of our delight----she decided to share some crafts with us for the holidays. Check her out on her Endless Possibilities site and you too can make some holiday creations! Be sure to go through and check out all the other stuff after you check out the wreath project. Thanks Kim!!!

Sunday, November 18

What a busy Saturday!!

We had nothing else but a packed full day yesterday! 2 birthday parties and a baby shower later and we were POOPED!!!

Amy's 4th Birthday

First the kids got to go to a gymnastics place for their friend Amy's gymnastics birthday party. This is my friend Lyndi's oldest daughter. Amy turned 4 this year--amazing!! We weren't sure what to expect but it was a VERY cool place. They got to do all sorts of stuff from just playing on the mat stretching and running around to doing an obstacle course with a trampoline, tunnel and bars to doing different "jumpy" things on a long trampoline to a big HUGE foam block pit (I think that was Jake's favorite). Will hung out with Daddy and tried some of the stuff the big kids were doing and he even had a blast at this place. It was super cool! THEN to top it all of was little miss Amy's birthday cake that her grandmother made for her---it had the old school YUMMY icing on it. It rocked!! Check out what Amy's mom said about her party here.

This was the cool foam block pit that was huge!!

First off, check Jake out (in the back) following along in a line--he did so good--we were so proud! But this was at the end when we were going to have cake and they had to keep their hands on their head to go get their stick to get cake. (so they wouldn't touch all the fun stuff on the way back through) It was funny!!!

Intermission while Mommy went to a baby shower and boys took a short nap while Daddy drove around town? (not real sure)

Then off to J's 5th Birthday Party--Scooby Doo!

What more could a kid want (besides 2 parties in one day) than a cool "jumpy house" to have fun in. Well that is just what we were headed for. We went to the Y for J's party and first the kids got to play on the McDonald's esque type playplace and had a blast. But then---the real fun began--they had the jumpy house blown up!! We went into the gym and the kids got to play on the jumpy house. All had a great time. There were basketballs in the gym too--to which my kids took a liking and decided to do that more than jump in the jumpy house--oh well--They had a blast running all over that gym!! Then off to eat more cake--pull apart Scooby Doo cupcakes at that--Fun times at the Scooby Doo birthday!! Unfortunately we were both chasing kids too much to get any great pics--there are a couple but none of the birthday boy of all things. SO you can go here to check out what J's mommy said about his party and see cool pics!

Will had a big time playing with the basketball--he would throw it to anyone who would look at him and expect them to just start playing right back with him. Thankfully another dad humored him for awhile along with his own Daddy! =)

Here's Jake shooting a basket--go boy!! In the background you can barely see the birthday boy's little sister MG playing with her daddy.

ALL in all it was definitely a good day with 2 excellent birthday parties and a baby shower to boot! I'll tell ya one thing---eating cake 3 times in one day is not all good. Ugh tummy ache!! The kids were tapped that night as they should have been! That constitutes a good day in our book my friends---thanks for the fun times! =)

Thursday, November 15

Our Trip to the Zoo

This past weekend we took a trip to the Memphis Zoo. This was our first family "mini" vacation with just Mommy, Daddy, Jake & Will. We had a blast! It was an awesome day weather wise and there was NOONE at the zoo. We were able to stay in front of the exhibits for as long as we want and check out the animals.

Of course, in true Spence style, it didn't go off without a hitch! Oh no there were a couple of things that could have rained on our parade. But we didn't let it happen! First of all the afternoon we were going to leave---Mommy had everything packed and we were waiting on Daddy to get home. Jake was taking a nap and when he woke up he had a 101 fever. Oh yeah of course, a fever. Anything else nope just this crazy fever. BUT with a little help from our friend Motrin he was back up and playing again so we decided to make the "time warp" trek to Memphis. It could have been disastrous you understand had we said "sorry boys we can't go Jake has a fever" Ummm we probably wouldn't have lived. Jake HAD to go see the gorillas!!! (wait for that story later) Once we made it to our hotel room late that night Jake's fever had climbed to 103--you saw it--isn't that great--but this time his 103 fever wasn't keeping him from chasing brother around this cool new hotel room we were staying in. Oh no you wouldn't have been able to tell if you didn't feel his forehead. So our friend Motrin again helped us out. The day of the zoo he still had a slight fever and it was gone the next day. Who knows??? It didn't keep Jake down!

Back to the late night in the hotel room. This is when Will decided that it was SO cool he couldn't sleep. Just laid there rolling all over the bed until 1AM!!! (at least--who knows really because I finally fell asleep) You'll note in the pictures later that the late night did him in the next day.

On to the Zoo
SO OFF to the Zoo we go!!! We get there and the first exhibit are the awesome Lions--I mean they are right there. That is what is cool about the Memphis Zoo--they still have the exhibits where you can see the animals without binoculars!! BUT was Jake impressed oh no! "I want to see the gorillas!" We tried to explain we would make our way there but he was going to have none of it! So we decided to head straight for the gorillas so we could actually enjoy the rest of the zoo and he could too! This gorilla story started last summer when we went to the Nashville Zoo with the Wheelers and Jake just had to see the orangutans--did they have any?? NO--so over a year it has now evolved into having to see Gorillas and finding a zoo that had them--which we now had. SO we get to the gorilla exhibit and oh look--yay--NO GORILLAS!!!!! Yeah that's right we drove how many miles and talked it up for how many days (weeks) that there were gorillas and the darn gorilla is visiting another zoo for awhile. James and I looked at each other and neither wanted to tell Jake--we were in shock and honestly scared that our zoo trip had just ended before it had begun. We explained it to him and to our definite surprise he took it quite well. It helped that the Pandas were very close by and we were headed straight there. So moral of that story is--ya better do your homework if you promise something for a year and finally make your way to go do it that it is gonna be there when you get there! =)

We did make it after that tragedy and Jake and Will both enjoyed the rest of the trip. After the pandas, Jake tells us we have to go see the "hetoroceros"............ the what?! He said "now we have to go see the hetoroceros". Hee hee---after we got done laughing our heads off. We tried to explain he had 2 different animals there. When we said do you mean hippopotamus or rhinoceros? He said YES. hee hee hee So we went to go see both.

A million animals, birds, reptiles and fish later---we had DONE the Memphis Zoo! We let the boys play on the playground at the end to run off some of the pent up energy from being SO good ALL day! Then Jake had to have a present!??? He decided he needed something to take home from the zoo. So off we went to the gift shop to find the perfect something for each one of them to take home. Jake decided on the white tiger, which was one of our favorites and Will decided on the panda, another favorite!

Ready to leave
Everybody's set--we're ready to go home! Wait!! Jake sees a wishing fountain and wants to throw in a coin. Daddy gave him one---yeah just Jake--and he threw it in. In the meantime, Will decided he wasn't going to be left out and wanted to do what brother was doing so he chucked the first thing he could get his hands on into the fountain! His Panda! Now that's a real wish I tell ya and he thought it was cool that his new panda was now floating in the fountain with all the pennies!! Jake was distraught but never fear Mommy got it out and Mr Panda dried out in front of the heater all the way home and was good as new. Daddy, next time please don't forget Will even though he was sitting in his stroller 5 feet away from the fountain (the panda still made it into the water)--he needs to make a wish too!! =)

This truly couldn't have turned out to be a better day--small crowd, great weather, very cool animals and an amazing family to share it with! For our very first Spence Family "mini" Vacation, I'd say it was a hit all the way around!!

I put together a slideshow since we had so many pictures--here are a few to enjoy. Just double click the play button below:

Sunday, November 4

Pink Showers are Cool!!

Today James' cousin was sweet enough to throw me a small (with his family nothing is small) but nevertheless small baby shower for Alaina Claire. Everything was beautiful--she had all matching pink and green decorations, yummy cake and punch and fun games! It was perfect and such a thoughtful thing to do for this baby girl!!

Thank you Lea Ann!!!

She had picked out a couple of games for us to do. One was a guessing game and the other was a game I had NEVER heard of before but it was hilarious!! It was called "My water broke!" How it worked---there were these little babies frozen in ice cubes in these tiny cups. Each person got a cup with a frozen baby inside. Kinda scary yet funny all at the same time the first time we all looked down into our cups before she told us the game! Anyway, the object was to melt the ice cube so the baby was floating without taking it out of the cup. Whoever could do it the fastest won. My mother-in-law was very diligent in her efforts and won the game!! I have the picture to prove it as she blows hot air to melt the ice----sorry Deborah---had to show it! =)

She wasn't the only one with this idea but Kim you just weren't fast enough!

Thank you to everyone who came--it was alot of fun and great to see each and every one of you! Alaina Claire got LOTS of wonderful gifts. Diapers, wipes, blankets, clothes, diaper bags, a pink pearl bracelet, her initial painting and Deborah even found her kids' baby gown she used for all of them to come home in or wear when they were babies. I am so excited about that---it is SO pretty! There was so many pretty things but here are a few snapshots of some of it....

This is the initial painting on canvas that my friend Kim did for her! I love it and it will match her bedding so well!! To see a better picture and other stuff of hers check out her Small Words blog.

This was a beautiful blanket and socks from Granny Gaynell

You can see I had lots of good help handing me the gifts! Both Jessi and Hannah did a great job!

Here is the pretty bracelet that came from Aunt Lesa

and all her girls

This is that baby dress that James and all of his siblings wore when they were babies.

So pretty! This will be what she will come home in.

Thank you again to everyone for ALL of her goodies! We appreciate it all very much!!

Saturday, November 3

Pictures in the Park

Today we went and had some family pictures made at Percy Warner Park before the baby comes. We had not had any done with Will in them so that is what we were going for. It was a gorgeous day and where we were the trees were pretty and leaves were falling all over the place. It was just really cool. The boys had a big time running all around the park. Then as a treat for being good for pictures, we went to none other than McDonald's Playplace---as if we had not had enough playing. Mommy, Daddy and Net Net were hungry so the boys got to play. Thanks to Net Net for coming to help with the pictures!

Anyway, I will post some of the pics when I get them in. Krista Lee Photography is who did our pictures and I can't wait to get them in as they are always fabulous!

This is the aftermath of the long worn out!


Well as most of you know but some may not--Alaina Claire is going to be rooming with Mommy and Daddy for awhile until we actually build our addition on which won't be until Spring. SO it has been killing me to not have the boys room situated and Will out of the crib so I can get it into our room and everything the way it is supposed to be. I've been waiting on sheets for the boys' beds so they will just LOVE to sleep in their beds, etc etc. Well last night we finally did that!! The boys ended up spending the night over at Net Net's house because it took us all night to get things the way we wanted it. BUT we got Will's big boy bed out and their room set up--haven't done the walls yet just moved furniture. Moved the crib and dresser/changing table into our room. Moved lots of furniture out of Mommy and Daddy's room to fit those things. BUT yay it is finally done. When I say move---poor James did most of the moving--obviously.

I'll show you a picture of the boys beds. I haven't gotten Alaina Claire's bedding in yet--it's coming this week. Once I get it I will show you her "side of the room".

And here is how Will ended up during his very first nap in his big boy bed....on top of the covers at the foot of the bed!

For those of you who don't believe me when I say my kids move all over the bed---here you go. Even with the pillow--doesn't make a difference. He does like his bed though and went right to sleep tonight--he thinks "Melmo" is super cool!!

Thursday, November 1

Trick or Treat

Larry the Cucumber and Bob the Tomato

That's saw it! Jake was Larry the Cucumber and Will was Bob the Tomato from Veggie Tales. My kids LOVE some Veggie Tales so this year our costumes were only fitting. Each year we go trick or treating in James' Uncle Kenny and Aunt Sheila's neighborhood. All the cousins get together and trick or treat together---always lots of fun! As you can see none of the pictures are just awesome because for whatever reason (???) the boys wouldn't stand still for pictures. Tonight they got a big treat and got to go out with both sets of grandparents and great Granny Gaynell was there too of course---so they were loving every minute of it!!

Cousin Kyndall walked with one of them and I walked with the other--here you see us in action! Jake did a good job most of the time with the TOT and even thank you afterward and his favorite was to say Happy Halloween to all of them. Will would say TOT but ya might not understand it so he liked to say BOO! which worked just as well.

At one point during the night we had something strange happen to us. Rather, Bob and Larry did. They had a Stalker! In fact it was Batman. This little boy came up to them and thought they were the coolest--his mom said he loved "weggie tales" as he called them. It was cute at first I must admit----but after about the 5th house this kid and his mom (with questionable liquid in her cup?!) followed us to that they had already been to--it got a little freaky. Jake and Will weren't too impressed with the kid either. Finally we were able to ditch them. Sorry Batman...gonna have to stalk someone else kiddo!

When we got back to their house Jake of course (feeling a little under the weather with a cold) was ready to get his costume off immediately. Will on the other hand LOVED his Bob the Tomato costume and wanted to keep it on---so he did for quite awhile--big and awkward as it was.

Chowing down on some candy corn with cousin Brian

Here is Jake just relaxing after making a big haul on candy. Whew what a night!!!


Conversation with Gramps

So my dad came over tonight before we headed out to go trick or treating. He came early enough to watch the boys for a few minutes while I was getting ready. As I am standing in the bathroom getting ready I have the door open and they are in the living room with the door shut. Noone can see that I am listening but with our walls you can hear everything---so I was listening to their conversation. I was laughing because most of it was just playing with toys or reading books, etc.

Then I heard Gramps say to Jake---so Jake who all will be there tonight to go trick or treating with you?? Your cousins...which ones?? And Jake starts with Samantha, Jessi, mumble mumble---I couldn't understand him but then I heard my dad say. Boots?? is that a boys name? Jake says NO! He's a Monkey!!! My dad starts laughing. I'm pretty sure the mumble mumble that I was hearing was Jake naming off all his other "cousins" that would be there. You know like Arthur, DW, Dora, Swiper and Boots!!! Hilarious! I never said anything and of course my dad is still clueless.....It's James' side of the family and he never claimed to be up on remembering names very well....since there are so many of them--to him it could have been them. =)