Thursday, December 13

Tomorrow is the day!

Getting ready to head for bed and sleep--if I can! Tomorrow morning is the arrival of Miss Alaina Claire. Wish us luck--we have to be there bright and early at 5:30am. =( I am trying to convince James to post pictures when he comes in but no promises. My friend Misty is going to update you with the basics in the morning though. So stay tuned--the Spences are about to become a family of 5!!!

Good night!


Holly said...

Cant wait to see updates!

Lea Ann said...


Amy Call said...

Could not stop the tears of JOY!!! What a blessing...I hope and pray that you are feeling well and I cant wait to see how beautiful Miss ALi is...still crying...Congratulations!!! Welcome to the family Miss Ali!!! You are already so loved!!!


Aunt Amy

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