Thursday, November 1

Conversation with Gramps

So my dad came over tonight before we headed out to go trick or treating. He came early enough to watch the boys for a few minutes while I was getting ready. As I am standing in the bathroom getting ready I have the door open and they are in the living room with the door shut. Noone can see that I am listening but with our walls you can hear everything---so I was listening to their conversation. I was laughing because most of it was just playing with toys or reading books, etc.

Then I heard Gramps say to Jake---so Jake who all will be there tonight to go trick or treating with you?? Your cousins...which ones?? And Jake starts with Samantha, Jessi, mumble mumble---I couldn't understand him but then I heard my dad say. Boots?? is that a boys name? Jake says NO! He's a Monkey!!! My dad starts laughing. I'm pretty sure the mumble mumble that I was hearing was Jake naming off all his other "cousins" that would be there. You know like Arthur, DW, Dora, Swiper and Boots!!! Hilarious! I never said anything and of course my dad is still clueless.....It's James' side of the family and he never claimed to be up on remembering names very well....since there are so many of them--to him it could have been them. =)

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pookiesmom said...

Hehehe...that sounds just like Amy! Actually, she calls Jake and Will her cousins too.

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