Saturday, November 24

Fun pictures from Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving in our world this year lasted 3 days!!! We had Thanksgiving with my parents Wed night, then Thanksgiving was spent with James's whole family, then Friday we went to my mom's side in Pulaski for Thanksgiving there.
Wow! Makes you think about all the things you have to be thankful for. I know James and I share this sentiment all the time and it is one of the things that brought us together. We are SO thankful for our families--of course for our boys and soon to be new baby who we are thankful to God for every day---but also for ALL of our extended family! It is so nice to have family to share things with and we love it!! So HAPPY THANKSGIVING Spences, Carts, Bomars and Childresses!! (and all the others in between)
Here are a few pictures of course getting together with family means the boys get to play with all of their cousins and this was no exception--they had a big time!!! Honestly most of them are Will having a big time with his uncles and then tapping out--that's his thing.

Will playing with Uncle Michael and Uncle Gary

Uncle Phillip was in on it too--they had him laughing so hard!!

Sacked out with Uncle Terry--all the fun got to him and no normal mid day nap = late afternoon siesta.

Hanging out with Uncle Dave and Aunt Liz on the couch

Will and Jake playing with John Parker and Heath (who was missing in this picture)

Once again---Will sacked out--this time with Uncle Stan.

Jake got to feed the horses with Richard right before we were leaving on Friday and I think that was the highlight of the day and he got to jump on the trampoline!! good times good times

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Holly said...

I swear that thumb was in his mouth in my pictures also. It is amazing it doesnt permantly look like a raisen,lol.

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