Friday, November 30

Monster Spray

Well we have gotten to the point where we need "monster" spray before we go to sleep at night now. That's right--Jake is very into his dreams and aware that all that stuff he sees on TV or in books just MIGHT come into his room. We try to monitor the potentially scary things. And when I say scary--let me tell you---there are some Disney movies we can't watch because they are "scary." AND we definitely can't watch the Grinch as we have been reminded of recently since it is that time of year and he came on TV. Anyway, so it is a nightly ritual now that we spray the monster spray around the room and under both beds every night before we lay down to sleep. (I have to admit--I remember this as a kid--I had monster spray that just was in a regular old spray bottle but it had a smell so my mom must have spiced it up a bit besides just water--sounds like her--but us nope just a bottle with water in it)

Last night was a little different---we get in there to put them to bed and Jake asks where the wolf is?!!! We're like there are no wolves in this house. He keeps on that the wolf might get in his room. To my knowledge he has not seen a wolf recently but who knows!! (I think it might be the grinch--but anyway) SO Daddy says he is going to go get the "Wolf spray" and leaves the room. First off I can also see this turning into we are going to have a spray for everything bad and we are going to be SOL when we run out of spray bottles because he knows that the monster spray is in "this" bottle and NOW the wolf spray is in a different bottle. Oh my!!

Anyway really to the point of my story which is---Daddy comes back in the room armed with wolf spray cleverly disguised in an old Victoria Secret smelly good spray bottle AND he had on his Wolf Mask to make sure he got rid of all the wolves. Well folks--I didn't get a picture--so you will have to picture it in your head and maybe I'll get one next time. He had on one of those gel eye masks that you put on that velcros in the back that has holes cut out for the eyes but you can put it in the refrigerator to keep it cool---YEP he had that on. It was green in case you wondered and NOPE it isn't mine---it is sooo HIS mask. Even more funny, eh?!! That's what I thought. Jake thought it was great though and it worked. As far as I know we had a wolf free house last night. Whoooppeeee!!!


Kim said...

James is such a girl!! I've got to see the picture - paleeze get it next time!!!

Holly said...

We are so lucky to have such creative men in our family! Ha!

NiNi said...

Umm, yeah I think I remember seeing that mask and asking you when you started using it and then you told me that it was James' and I laughed . . . heartily.

I had kind of forgotten about the monster spray, but I think I remember it now. Man, so I guess I'll be getting you spray bottles for Christmas :-)

Net Net said...

Your monster spray had Chanel # 5 in it. that is why no monsters came to bother you or your sister!
Net Net

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