Saturday, November 3

Pictures in the Park

Today we went and had some family pictures made at Percy Warner Park before the baby comes. We had not had any done with Will in them so that is what we were going for. It was a gorgeous day and where we were the trees were pretty and leaves were falling all over the place. It was just really cool. The boys had a big time running all around the park. Then as a treat for being good for pictures, we went to none other than McDonald's Playplace---as if we had not had enough playing. Mommy, Daddy and Net Net were hungry so the boys got to play. Thanks to Net Net for coming to help with the pictures!

Anyway, I will post some of the pics when I get them in. Krista Lee Photography is who did our pictures and I can't wait to get them in as they are always fabulous!

This is the aftermath of the long worn out!


Kim said...

I think it is funny that the party animal is still awake!! Wasn't he slightly under the weather too?

pookiesmom said...

Oh goodie...I can't wait to see the pics! The girls had theirs done Saturday too.

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