Friday, November 30

Update on baby arrival

First off in case you haven't been on in awhile or HAVE been on in awhile and noticed I haven't posted in FOREVER. I have just updated the past couple of weeks worth of stuff so be sure you scroll down and check it out.

For those of you we don't talk to on a regular basis--just thought I would give you an update. I am scheduled to have a c-section on Friday December 14th. So it appears that is when Miss Alaina Claire will make her debut!! Mark your calendars! I had a c-section with both boys so this time I have no other option for those wondering and that is why we are doing it a little early also since her actual due date is Christmas Day. =)

SO we are trying to get in baby mode in this house. That is just TWO WEEKS from today. AAAGGGGHHHH!!! You would think after two that the third wouldn't be a big deal to get ready for. But #1 it's a girl #2 great time of the year (sarcasm) #3 I already have 2 other kids to tend to #4 trying to find a place for all of her things without her having a room is VERY challenging! But I'm trying to make sure everything is done. yeah right Getting the Christmas shopping over with for one with since I will NOT be getting out after she is born and before Christmas--I'm a smart girl--I know it ain't gonna happen!

So there you have it that is where we are----oh and how am I feeling?--because so many of you have kindly asked (seriously)---I am feeling SUPERB!!! (major sarcasm) Can't help it folks---3rd kid and my body says WHOA!! what are we doing this time??? (honrstly just in the past couple of weeks it started saying that) So I am not really ready at home but I am definitely ready to get this baby out of my body!! So there---you've heard it all---back to my 8 million chores to do in the next 2 weeks. Wish me luck! =)

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the time is drawing near!!!

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