Sunday, November 25

Playing with Riley

One of the best parts of Thanksgiving this year was that all of James's siblings were in town so we got to visit with them. Abbey and Dustin live here but Dave and Liz made the trip from Atlanta and Amy, Brad and Riley came in from Texas. Now they everyone is spread apart that only happens like twice a year anymore. AND that meant that Jake and Will got to play with Riley Mo!!!!! That is always a fun time at Yaya and Papa's house when all the grandkids are there!!

Riley was loving on Will--how sweet!

(those are their "sweet" faces--hehe)

Here the boys are listening to Riley make music and then....

They decided to form a band--Jake on the xylophone, Riley on drums and Will on maracas

Everybody posing with Aunt Amy

This one I had to put on here--look at their faces--the kids were SUPER excited about something?!!! What did you guys promise them so they would sit there? hmmmmm......

Probably more of whatever Will had here that he was so happy about:

To keep up with Amy, Riley and Brad and what's happening with them in TX---you can go here cuz they have a blog too!! Check it out! Yes Amy that means you have to update =) sorry!


Holly said...

cute pictures, and yes Amy we need updates!

Amy Call said...

Okay. I will post new stuff. I do, however, have to say...PLEASE take the picture of me where I look like Jabba the hut off!!! I look like I weigh 300 pounds. Loved being home though.

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