Thursday, November 1

Trick or Treat

Larry the Cucumber and Bob the Tomato

That's saw it! Jake was Larry the Cucumber and Will was Bob the Tomato from Veggie Tales. My kids LOVE some Veggie Tales so this year our costumes were only fitting. Each year we go trick or treating in James' Uncle Kenny and Aunt Sheila's neighborhood. All the cousins get together and trick or treat together---always lots of fun! As you can see none of the pictures are just awesome because for whatever reason (???) the boys wouldn't stand still for pictures. Tonight they got a big treat and got to go out with both sets of grandparents and great Granny Gaynell was there too of course---so they were loving every minute of it!!

Cousin Kyndall walked with one of them and I walked with the other--here you see us in action! Jake did a good job most of the time with the TOT and even thank you afterward and his favorite was to say Happy Halloween to all of them. Will would say TOT but ya might not understand it so he liked to say BOO! which worked just as well.

At one point during the night we had something strange happen to us. Rather, Bob and Larry did. They had a Stalker! In fact it was Batman. This little boy came up to them and thought they were the coolest--his mom said he loved "weggie tales" as he called them. It was cute at first I must admit----but after about the 5th house this kid and his mom (with questionable liquid in her cup?!) followed us to that they had already been to--it got a little freaky. Jake and Will weren't too impressed with the kid either. Finally we were able to ditch them. Sorry Batman...gonna have to stalk someone else kiddo!

When we got back to their house Jake of course (feeling a little under the weather with a cold) was ready to get his costume off immediately. Will on the other hand LOVED his Bob the Tomato costume and wanted to keep it on---so he did for quite awhile--big and awkward as it was.

Chowing down on some candy corn with cousin Brian

Here is Jake just relaxing after making a big haul on candy. Whew what a night!!!



Kim said...

The costumes are hilarious!!

pookiesmom said...

Ok, absoluetly adorable!! I love the costumes!

abbey said...

do they have any leftover candy?

NiNi said...

yay! i love the costumes, adorable. And that's just a tad bit creepy that batman and his mom were stalking you. Can't help it that Bob and Larry are that much cooler than the rest.

Lea Ann said...

I love the costumes--wish I could have been there earlier!

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