Sunday, November 4

Pink Showers are Cool!!

Today James' cousin was sweet enough to throw me a small (with his family nothing is small) but nevertheless small baby shower for Alaina Claire. Everything was beautiful--she had all matching pink and green decorations, yummy cake and punch and fun games! It was perfect and such a thoughtful thing to do for this baby girl!!

Thank you Lea Ann!!!

She had picked out a couple of games for us to do. One was a guessing game and the other was a game I had NEVER heard of before but it was hilarious!! It was called "My water broke!" How it worked---there were these little babies frozen in ice cubes in these tiny cups. Each person got a cup with a frozen baby inside. Kinda scary yet funny all at the same time the first time we all looked down into our cups before she told us the game! Anyway, the object was to melt the ice cube so the baby was floating without taking it out of the cup. Whoever could do it the fastest won. My mother-in-law was very diligent in her efforts and won the game!! I have the picture to prove it as she blows hot air to melt the ice----sorry Deborah---had to show it! =)

She wasn't the only one with this idea but Kim you just weren't fast enough!

Thank you to everyone who came--it was alot of fun and great to see each and every one of you! Alaina Claire got LOTS of wonderful gifts. Diapers, wipes, blankets, clothes, diaper bags, a pink pearl bracelet, her initial painting and Deborah even found her kids' baby gown she used for all of them to come home in or wear when they were babies. I am so excited about that---it is SO pretty! There was so many pretty things but here are a few snapshots of some of it....

This is the initial painting on canvas that my friend Kim did for her! I love it and it will match her bedding so well!! To see a better picture and other stuff of hers check out her Small Words blog.

This was a beautiful blanket and socks from Granny Gaynell

You can see I had lots of good help handing me the gifts! Both Jessi and Hannah did a great job!

Here is the pretty bracelet that came from Aunt Lesa

and all her girls

This is that baby dress that James and all of his siblings wore when they were babies.

So pretty! This will be what she will come home in.

Thank you again to everyone for ALL of her goodies! We appreciate it all very much!!


Holly said...

What a fun time we had! I promise to get pics of the ice baby on my blog tonight,lol.

Amy Call said...

Looks like a great time. Tears in my eyes knowing that once again, I had to miss something because I am stuck in HELL!!! Everything is beautiful. I am so sad I could not be there. Cant wait to see you in a few weeks!!! Love ya!!

Amy said...

Sorry I couldn't make it. Don't laugh but I am covered in poison ivy (I took me a couple of weeks to realize it was poison ivy). I have little miss's present at my place. Let me get rid of this crap and then let's get together. :)

pookiesmom said...

Sorry I didn't make the shower. I do have gifts though. You'll have to wait until little Alaina Claire is here for those though. :P

Kim said...

Your mother-in-law is better at water breaking than I am!! She is one up on me!! haha - take that "fat pic" of me off - I swear everybody - I'm PREGNANT - I JUST LOOK TO BE IN THE FAT STAGE!!

abbey said...

so efficient! i love it. glad you captured that funny pic of mom.

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