Sunday, November 18

What a busy Saturday!!

We had nothing else but a packed full day yesterday! 2 birthday parties and a baby shower later and we were POOPED!!!

Amy's 4th Birthday

First the kids got to go to a gymnastics place for their friend Amy's gymnastics birthday party. This is my friend Lyndi's oldest daughter. Amy turned 4 this year--amazing!! We weren't sure what to expect but it was a VERY cool place. They got to do all sorts of stuff from just playing on the mat stretching and running around to doing an obstacle course with a trampoline, tunnel and bars to doing different "jumpy" things on a long trampoline to a big HUGE foam block pit (I think that was Jake's favorite). Will hung out with Daddy and tried some of the stuff the big kids were doing and he even had a blast at this place. It was super cool! THEN to top it all of was little miss Amy's birthday cake that her grandmother made for her---it had the old school YUMMY icing on it. It rocked!! Check out what Amy's mom said about her party here.

This was the cool foam block pit that was huge!!

First off, check Jake out (in the back) following along in a line--he did so good--we were so proud! But this was at the end when we were going to have cake and they had to keep their hands on their head to go get their stick to get cake. (so they wouldn't touch all the fun stuff on the way back through) It was funny!!!

Intermission while Mommy went to a baby shower and boys took a short nap while Daddy drove around town? (not real sure)

Then off to J's 5th Birthday Party--Scooby Doo!

What more could a kid want (besides 2 parties in one day) than a cool "jumpy house" to have fun in. Well that is just what we were headed for. We went to the Y for J's party and first the kids got to play on the McDonald's esque type playplace and had a blast. But then---the real fun began--they had the jumpy house blown up!! We went into the gym and the kids got to play on the jumpy house. All had a great time. There were basketballs in the gym too--to which my kids took a liking and decided to do that more than jump in the jumpy house--oh well--They had a blast running all over that gym!! Then off to eat more cake--pull apart Scooby Doo cupcakes at that--Fun times at the Scooby Doo birthday!! Unfortunately we were both chasing kids too much to get any great pics--there are a couple but none of the birthday boy of all things. SO you can go here to check out what J's mommy said about his party and see cool pics!

Will had a big time playing with the basketball--he would throw it to anyone who would look at him and expect them to just start playing right back with him. Thankfully another dad humored him for awhile along with his own Daddy! =)

Here's Jake shooting a basket--go boy!! In the background you can barely see the birthday boy's little sister MG playing with her daddy.

ALL in all it was definitely a good day with 2 excellent birthday parties and a baby shower to boot! I'll tell ya one thing---eating cake 3 times in one day is not all good. Ugh tummy ache!! The kids were tapped that night as they should have been! That constitutes a good day in our book my friends---thanks for the fun times! =)

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Stefanie said...

Umm, was that at Let It Shine. Because if it is I am soooooo jealous!!! I love that place! It's os much fun! Omg. It even made me say omg, it's that much fun.

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