Saturday, August 9

Dinner, Dogs and Lawnmowers

That's what our visit to Papa and Yaya's house consisted of tonight. In honor of AC's baptism, Uncle Dave and Aunt Liz {Will Speak: Umple Dabe and Umple Wiz----haha!}, came into town just for tonight and tomorrow's baptism. Abbey came over too and it was a family affair. Since it was Amy's birthday we all got to chat with her on the phone and wish her well.
Spoiled rotten by EVERYONE---sitting on the counter "helping" fix dinner

Dave and Liz have 2 dogs.....Greta and Stella {don't you love those names!!}. Both boys weren't quite sure of the dogs and they have seen Greta plenty of times before but this is the first time Stella has made the trip. So maybe it was because there were 2 of them....who knows. All I know is Jake spent ALL night worried about where the dogs were {it is evidenced in the pictures where he is obviously MIA}. Will, on the otherhand, was converted and he had the dogs eating out of his hands {no really!} he fed them carrots and was good to go after that!
Playing with Aunt Liz {this was secretly part of the bribe to get him to feed the dogs}

Eating out of his hand

While we were sitting outside Will decided to PUSH the lawnmower {it was not on people and he is obsessed with lawnmowers I don't know what else to say} ALL THE WAY around the garage.......except he ran into trouble trying to make the last turn and ran it into the fence and in his attempt to get it turned around he cut his finger. Uncle Dave took care of it though and he was back in action moments later.
Papa checking out the cut---sending him to Uncle Dave

Spending time with the fam is always so much fun. Later in the night the next door neighbor and her daughter came over and brought sparklers so the kids had a big time with that too!!
Getting ready for Sparklers

Happy Birthday Amy, soon enough you can spend it with us again!!
Can't wait!


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Amy Call said...

OMG!! What an awesome post!! I love it...wish I would have been there...but soon enough! So funny about Jake...thats how he was at my house. He would really freak out now with 3 dogs. Will is just too cute and then way he likes things that "run" with motors....he is going to be amazing! Love the pics. How did you get so many on here? I though 5 was the limit. Need some schoolin' obviously! Haha...missing you all! <3!!

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