Wednesday, July 9

Swim Day

Wednesday is officially Swim Day for the Spence crew and the Wheeler bunch this summer. We've had it planned since last summer when the Wheelers started building their house in a subdivision with a pool. Woo hoo! We were determined to get all 7 of our kids there to swim!! Yep s-e-v-e-n--- 4 year old, 3 year old, 2 year old, twin 21 month olds, 7 month old, and a 3 month old!!! I know we're brave. But hey we even got a taker to help us with the sis has been tagging along just to help. Thank goodness!! It wouldn't be happening without Ni Ni. You should see us wheeling up in there. Yes I really mean wheeling. We have 2 double strollers, 2 beach bags, one big bag with water toys, 2 quilts and a tent. {don't forget us and the 7 kiddos} We've got it down now though...we get in there and get set up in no time and buddy it can come down in no time flat too in case of screaming kids, hungry kids, tired kids, rain, etc. Thanks Wheelers, for having us to play at your pool!!!

This week our friends the Wombles decided to join us. We all had lots of fun and today was the first day anyone thought to bring a camera so here are a few pics to commemorate all of our fun:

Hudson--pretty sure he is getting ready to JUMP!

Alaina Claire just decided today she liked being in the pool

Will trying to catch the water

This is the tent where you will find the little ones usually
We try to hide the snacks at first but once they see them it is over and they are
hangin in the tent the rest of the time
This is MG, Carson, Lawson and Emsley with Kim

Jake swimming around in the big pool with his floaties

J hanging out on his noodle in the big pool

**Don't worry there was a Mommy or Ni Ni there to watch each child at all times**

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Kim said...

Hey - whose is that Phat {I mean fat} girl in the above picture??

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