Friday, August 15

Jacob's Very First Day of PreK

He won't be riding the bus but sure thinks its really cool!

Jacob is going to PreK this year. We feel like he needs a 5 day a week program to get him ready for the real deal come next year so Enter........ PREK!!! He is so excited. We visited his "new big school" in the Spring and he didn't want to leave and every time we drive by ALLLLLL summer long he has been asking when he gets to go. Well, Son......Today is THE DAY! Your first day of PreK, it is only a half day but First Day nonetheless.

Here's the school boy--ready to go!! Doesn't he look handsome?!
This is where he wanted his picture taken so I took what I could get.
{ignore Milo sleeping underneath the van}

We had all the "first of the year" events leading up to today. Tuesday was our Parent meeting and then Wednesday was Round Up Day---I took him to see his room again and his teachers and got to sign up for volunteer opportunities, check out after care in case it is ever needed, load his lunch card and most importantly we went to the uniform consignment sale!! He has a friend that is going to his "new big school" with him from Mother's Day Out the past 2 years so he will know someone right off the bat. We stuck together through all the "round up" activities and they got to reacquaint themselves since they had not seen each other all summer even though we said we would get together. {we all know how that goes...time flies} So then yesterday he had a break and today was it my friends.

Jacob and Mrs D

He went in without an issue and looked so happy to be there--didn't hardly tell me bye. He was excited to put his school clothes on just like everybody else this morning, too. Thankfully today I only had to participate in the "drop off" which wasn't too bad. Since we went half a day and the rest of the school went a full day I didn't get to see "pick up" yet. I have been told it is VERY orderly chaos and to PAY ATTENTION. So can't wait for that........ahhh school days. So much fun!! We are SO excited for him to have this opportunity. They will be doing Art, Music, Library, Computer, PE and Spanish so he will have some neat extra classes each day aside from all of his fun stuff in his classroom {math, language, writing, science, centers, etc, etc.} Love his teachers and we are excited for a great year!!

He wanted her to stand up so Mommy could get a shot of the rainbow that Mrs B the assistant teacher painted on the wall for them---in class art should be fun--Mrs D was sure to tell us Mrs B was definitely in charge of that!!

Picked him up and the teachers said he did great. I asked him what he did today and he said "I can't tell you I'll tell you when we get to McD after I get chicken nuggets and french fries." That's one smooth talker right there. Oh well guess not much can change in 3hrs. HEE HEE Our little boy is growing up..... {yes I took the bait it was Mickey D's for was his first day of school!}

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Kim said...

that picture of him beside the van is a riot!! Not Jake, but Milo - he looks like you ran him over!! hahaha

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