Wednesday, August 20

PreK Update and the Streaker

Well so far we've made it. I have successfully gotten 3 kids up, fed breakfast, dressed and out the door by 7:30 to get Jake to school. Will's school {Mother's Day Out} hasn't started yet but he sure doesn't understand that. EVERY morning he wants to go to his school. Pick up wasn't that bad once I figured the whole thing out. The big deal is everyone else can wait for their kids to come to them but PreK parents have to get out and go get their kids so you have to do all of that within this time limit of the group of cars you came into the parking lot with. It really is VERY orderly CHAOS!! But that's just the way it is!

Jake did well Monday morning but yesterday morning and this morning he has decided to cry both times. They said yesterday he did just fine right after I left and had an "Excellent" day as his homebook says. SO let's hope the same for today and that we get over the whole crying thing as fast as it started. He does keep asking me " MOOOOM, do I have school AGAIN today?" He just isn't used to the every day ordeal--he is used to Tue/Thurs and having a break in between. Precisely one of the reasons he is in PreK right now.

The Streaker

So......back to yesterday......I pick him up and Ms D says he did great right after I left. She said but I have to tell you this and she starts busting out laughing. I'm thinking great what did my kid do???? Weeeellllll.........they have a boys bathroom and girls bathroom in their room and when they have bathroom break they send one boy and one girl at a time. Ms D said things were going well and Jake had gone to potty as did {let's call her} Sally.

Next thing she knows here is Jake standing in the doorway, stark NAKED, leaning to one side with one hand up bracing himself saying "Teacher, Teacher.....I need some help over here! Ms D looked around and thought whoa! then said "Ok Jacob go back to the bathroom and I'll be in there in a minute" {stifle laughter} You must know that during this Sally had come out of the bathroom apparently to witness Jake's unsightly deed and cry for help. {keep that in mind}

SO Ms D goes to help Jacob and figure out what happened---when she walked into the bathroom all she saw was his little behind. He was bent over toward the toilet and was making all kinds of faces in the HANDLE {you know it was silver and partially flat so he could see himself} Hilarious!! So she was {stifling laughter yet again}. She then helped him get dressed again and all the while having a conversation about why we keep ALL of our clothes on when we go potty. {Oh good grief---the first week of school no doubt!!}

They get done and are coming out of the bathroom when lo and behold what does Ms D see......{remember Sally??} OH YEAH.....hanging on the bar across the big paned window to the hallway of the inside of the school was little ole Sally naked as a jay bird. She was just singing away and looked at Ms D and said "Boy is this Fun! She saw Jake do it and thought hmmmm let me go back in here and try that out too. hahahahaha Oh great and MY Jacob started it!! What am I gonna do?!

So I am assuming Ms D and Sally had the same conversation that was just had by she and Jake 2 minutes prior. I am also sure that Ms D was ready to go home at this point that day. She did say that if anyone inside school happened to be walking by during THAT 5 minutes of the day...they probably wondered WHAT IN THE WORLD are they doing in PreK?!

Oh the things a 4 year old will do!!! I am sure there will be many more stories let's just hope that none of them involve a lack of clothing. :)


Lea Ann said...

I can't believe he's old enough for pre-k, seems like just last week he was so tiny and humming himself to sleep!!

Kim said...

At least he is a leader and not a follower!

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