Friday, August 22

Random Facts

First off I have tried to update from last month. So I think I am done with July now if you want to browse back through to check it out. There will be more from first part of this month to come...AND eventually the 3 months that I left out in the Spring will get updated too. :O

On to the Random Facts---I have been TAGGED by Lauren to share 6 random facts about myself so here goes:

1) My fav-o-rite food in the world??? FRIED SQUASH

2) When I was 15 I took my grandparents car {along with a friend} on a joyride in town and then to another town and got too cocky thinking I knew how to drive so well and ended up in "other town's" police station.....the parents AND grandparents were none to happy and I was in big T.R.O.U.B.L.E!!!

3) I always wanted to be in the Military but I'm a scaredy cat!

4) My guilty pleasure? General Hospital....I love me some Jason Morgan!

5) Reese's Peanut Butter Cups + DrPepper = LOVE

6) I used to be Michael Jackson's #1 Fan! Thriller! Thriller night...I sing as I wear my white glove and do the moonwalk in my zipper jacket.....hee hee

I TAG Holly, Andrea, Lea Ann, Amy, Stefanie, Lyndi

The rules:
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2. Post the rules to your blog
3. Write 6 random things about yourself
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pookiesmom said...

Posted at my blog! :D're a GH fan huh? Why did I not know that...LOL. I sooo love GH. Don't get to see it much but...

Lauren said...

I LOVE SONNY!!!!!!!!!! He is my dream man. Minus the mob.

I, too, love Reese's. It's my favorite candy ever.

I'm so glad I got to find out more about you!

Kim said...

Michael Jackson ??

kari and kijsa said...

Thank you for all your prayers and blessings!
Have a wonderful Labor Day,
kari & kijsa

joanne said...

Hey Rach- Where are you??? So enjoyed seeing you and the kidlets the other day. Will is precious and your little princess- has the greatest smile.

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