Friday, August 8

Biter Biscuits

I am pretty sure that I have been given all the Biter Biscuits in a 50 mile radius. Somehow all of my friends decided these things were too messy to fool with for their kids and they ALL decided to give me a box so I have a few laying around the house right now. Me on the other hand...ahh who cares....get messy....gotta do it sometime! She loves them and BOY??!!! are they messy and just icky and sticky and gooey. YUUUUUMMM doesn't that make you want to have one for your snack now..... me too!

Isn't she precious even with gook on her face!

Me? You wanna take my picture...aww shucks!


Amy Call said...

She could be covered in mud and I would still think she is beautiful and scoop her up and love on her!! Big hugs and kisses from your Amy, AC...mwah!!

Kim said...

I do believe I gave you some - it's not so much the messy part, it's the "concrete" part! That mess is permanent!!

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