Thursday, August 7

Long Lost Cousins

Me & Jackie and all of our Kiddos

Today we got to hang out and visit with our {mine and Stef's} cousin Jackie and her girls. They live in Nevada so we do good to get to see each other once a year at Christmas and sometimes not even that if it is the opposite year. SO maybe I should say once every 2 years. Wow...that sounds horrible. But C'est la Vie!
The communion cup of fruit punch--they thought this was cool, of course

We had a blast! It was Jackie, Ava Jayne (3), Lyla June (2 months) and Jackie's mom Linda and my crew included me and all of my kids and my sis Stef {Ni Ni}. The kiddos had a blast with each other-- Ava, Jake and Will took right up with each other like they had played together every day for the past year. You can tell they are alot alike personality least Ava and Will are. HAHA those that know Will oh so well are going "oh no!" to Ava right now. But she is a girl so she was slightly more subdued.Will and Ava sticking tongues out at each other and cracking up---too cute!

This would be the Ava scream--hilarious!!
Don't think Will wasn't right in there with her!!

The plan was to go swimming at Jackie's other cousin's house. Of course we get there, unload everyone, get in the pool, slide down the slide a couple times {oh yes there was a slide and it was superfun!} and it isn't 10 minutes before it starts to lightning and rain. SO we spent alot of the time under the carport waiting it out which didn't work and then we gave in and decided to move the play date to Mickey D's and the playplace.
NiNi getting ready to throw Ava in the air--the girl{Ava} has no fear.....
just like her mama!

Linda playing with Will in the pool

A good time was had by all and hopefully it won't be so long til our next playdate! Keeping our fingers crossed for Christmas this year. Everyone pray plane tickets get cheaper. HA!


Amy Call said...
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Amy Call said...
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Amy Call said...

That looks like so much fun. It is always great to hang with family you don't get to see very often...seems to be the norm for us right now! HAHAHA...her girls are too cute too!! Are you close in age?

Amy Call said...
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Kim said...

Actually, I can't tell! Which side - hahaha!?

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