Monday, August 4

Happy Birthday Gramps!

Today is Gramps's 67th Birthday!!
We celebrated it in true Gramps style and had breakfast for supper!! yum yum We love you Gramps!
---hope your birthday was happy!!

notice we only put one candle per decade plus one to grow on of course

Like what it said?? haha Don't worry he thought it was hilarious!
{yes I wrote on the cake this time---us and our homemade cakes gotta have homemade handwriting....told ya it would be bad---only thing worse
would have been if Daddy wrote on it---whoa!}

We attempted to get new things for his house so his bathroom
would be somewhat matching....we'll see how much of it gets used. ;)

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Kim said...

That has got to be YOUR handwriting on that cake!?

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