Tuesday, July 10

Out of the mouths of Spence kids....

Just thought I'd share couple of things Jake has said recently. I have a feeling this will turn into chapters later as I add part 2, part 3, etc....because the funny things they say never stop.

So Jake was sitting playing with Mommy and Daddy and he had his food out with fruits and vegetables and was asking what each one was here is how it went...

Jake: "Daddy what is this one called?"
Daddy: "I'm not sure."
Daddy to Mommy: "Babe, what is this one?"
Jake to Mommy: "Yeah, babe, what is this one?"

Hahaha!!! Couldn't speak for the laughter long enough to tell him it was a plum but that is what it was. =)

This morning we were trying to watch a certain part of Fantasia 2000 that he likes to watch and it kept stopping on us (because apparently we need a new DVD player). Finally, after it had stopped several times and I was trying to make it go or just get to the part with Donald Duck that he wanted, to no avail....Jake says "Mom, I think something screwy is going on here." He knew what he was talking about because obviously it was. =)

Stay tuned for more next time.......


Anonymous said...

Too funny! Sydney once told me that I was aggravating her.

Amy said...

That is so funny!!! When I was home over the weekend of the 23rd of June, I woke up and Jake was in bed with me. He was just sitting there looking at me. I started talking to him and he said, as serious as he could have...while rolling his eyes, "you're driving me crazy" and then got himself off the bed and was gone. Too funny!!! I must say, it kind of hurt my feelings!!!

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