Saturday, July 28

Dino Museum & Hiking in the Mountains

Today we went to the Dinosaur Walk Museum in Pigeon Forge. It was pretty cool. They didn't have every dinosaur but they had LOTS and it was very easy to walk through and the dinos were lifesize. Of course, this was right up Jake's alley. He was in awe and didn't want to leave!

Jake says "check this out guys!"
at the huge T-Rex--couldn't get a
great picture of it. It was dark and the
T-rex was REALLY big!

That afternoon after naps we decided to actually get up in the mountains for a little bit.
We walked a little trail just inside the Smoky Mountain National Park where we got to see the Little Pigeon River, etc. The whole time we were driving through the park we were trying to show the boys the mountains (that we kept saying we were in and they didn't get it) and of course true to their name it was "smoky" and hard to see. We finally went to Newfound Gap right on the TN/NC border and right at the beginning of that trail they have a ledge thing where you can take the steps up and look out. When Jake saw this he said "oh is that the mountain?" Since I really wanted him to have "fun" in the mountains I said yes. Buddy when he got to the top of that thing he did think he was king of the mountain. So now Jake thinks he has climbed to the top of a mountain. (to him whatever mountain we were trying to show him in the first place he didn't know) We took lots of video of that but no pics. It was pretty cute! Here is the one we did get...

On top of "the mountain"

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