Tuesday, July 17

Pictures of family fun from last month

I wanted to post a few pictures that got left out from last month during the "wedding" time and all of that drama. Aunt Amy, Uncle Brad and cousin Riley came into town and the boys got to play with them and Aunt Abbey over at Papa and Yaya's house.

Thanks for playing hide and seek outside
with me AFTER DARK!! yay

During the "let's see who can scream the loudest" fest that Yaya loves to start with the kids and Papa hates, Will breaks into an aria?

Cousin Riley and her cool cast!

This is what it looks like trying to get a picture of all three kids together--we have never done it very successfully, as you can see!

Piled up in the bed with Aunt Abbey watching a movie

Cousin Samantha says "Calm down Will, I just said you were cute!"


Amy said...

I love all of these pictures!!! How fun that my family made your page too!! Will is so funny! I remember all the screaming. I am not sure that Brad knew what to think!!! I promise to start a blog soon. I just got Riley back and need to take pics first. I love the blog. I love all of you guys, BUT i HATE that I missed another one of Jake's parties!! All my love, Aunt Amy (for differentiating purposes)

kim said...

tell ya-ya to stop teaching your kids bad habits!!! It rubs off on my kids!!! hehehe

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