Saturday, July 14

The party....

It was all about the dinosaurs. Jake has had this fascination with
dinosaurs and dragons for quite some time now. So Papa made him a T-Rex cake, which he requested, for his birthday party today.

He had a big time with his friends and family! We had the new "real" pool set up and all the kids had a good time playing in the yard.
Jake got lots of cool gifts too as you can see and guess which is his favorite right now? (given the party theme)

As Daddy mentioned tonight I think he would sleep with it if we let him and apparently it scares no one but Mommy although you see he wasn't quite sure about the T-rex at first, but has taken to it indefinitely. Thanks Kyndall and Justin and to Papa and Yaya for the rest of the cool animals that go along with it and make it a
real jungle when we are playing!!

Oh and just to put your mind at ease. Will was not forgotten--he worked the crowd in typical Will style and he had just as good a time as anyone!

It was another great party in the books. Thanks to all who came and had fun with Jake! Here was the scene a mere hour or so after you all left!

He stayed in that position the WHOLE time he slept!

He was one worn out dude!


Amy said...

The party looks super fun!! Sure wish we could have been there. Look at my hottie little sister in her cute dress!!! I seriously need to create a blog.

hudson said...

thanks for inviting us . . . we had a great time . . .even though we played inside the ENTIRE time!!!

Mommy said...

Looks like it was a great party. Sorry we missed it. We simply must stop having major life changes on Jake's birthday weekend. We are now 1/3...those stats are pathetic.

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