Saturday, July 21

A day on the farm...

Happy Birthday Gale!

The boys with Net Net, Aunt Gale and Aunt Charlotte not pictured (cuz they already fled the scene) Nooge, Uncle Stan and Uncle Ronnie

Thursday was my Aunt Gale's birthday and we went down to surprise her. She just had back surgery and hasn't been able to get out so she was super excited to see us (especially the boys). Aunt Gale and Uncle Stan have all kinds of cool things at their house. We got to see turkeys, guineas, chickens, horses, baby guineas, many bee hives along with the yummy honey, the dog Callie and last but not least Birdie their cockatoo that lives in the house with them. Jake was looking forward to seeing the animals all day long and as soon as we got there in true Jake style he wanted to know where the farmer was (aka Uncle Stan.) Anytime we see a barn or a place where there are any type of animals he wants to know where the farmer is. The farmer is always supposed to be right by his barn and animals---right? In Jake's world (and our Little People Barn) he is. The "farmer" took the boys on a tour to see all the animals. Enjoy the pictures!

Callie the dog who Will would rather chase around than look at much else.

Jake dressing up like "the farmer"

Uncle Stan with Birdie from a visit when Jake was 9 months old!

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