Friday, October 24

This is what I get..........

So it's official I am done, finito, gone with the wind, adios.....c-ya....I'm outta here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So I was up late last night, what's new, up late most nights. Anyway, apparently last night was the end {usually there is finally a day that my body says nope you've done it---it's over--time to rest} Well today must have been THAT day because...... With Jake safely at school, Alaina Claire safely in her bed napping----Will asked to watch a Barney video {I know there are so many things to say here so just refrain....thanks!} So I obliged. I put in the video and he started watching it. Of course he wanted me to sit on the couch with him so he could sit in my lap to watch not like I could get up and get something done. Next thing I know I hear the menu music playing over and over again......what?! huh?! oh $@#%! I fell asleep. Now mind you it only had to have been for about 10 minutes and I vaguely remember Will sitting there turning the pages to a book and then get up {I wasn't completely out....but then again I was....know what I mean?} He got up---that is the important part to this story.

SOOOOO when I finally had my "oh my gosh!" moment. I jumped straight up off the couch and ran to see where he was and I walk into the kitchen/dining area to find THIS................

{don't look at the horrible wood paneling we have yet to replace since we moved in FIVE years ago....I know!}

This would be the ENTIRE 5lb bag of sugar that Daddy made sure to get at the store last night because we haven't been able to make Tea for a week and he is going into what was it that you wanted when you got home today dear?? milk? water? apple juice? good

So my friends it is with much grief and exhaustion that I bid you adieu. It's just not in me. I don't have one more "able to handle Will" bone left in my body. He's done it.....he won and he is ONLY 2 1/2. Yep....that's it. If you want to contact me from here on out feel new address is:
Looney Spence
123 Gone Crazy Rd
Looneybin, USA

Thanks for visiting!

PS if you are new and/or think I am weak or exaggerating or just plain weird---I encourage you to visit this post and this post and this post and this post.


Susan said...

Ok that is so funny. I love the way you added all the other things he has gotten into.

Amy Call said...

Oh No!! So Sorry!!

I would, at this point, like to offer my services. Seeing as he is my nephew and Godson, it would be my pleasure to take him off your hands!! hahaha....

I am sure a break would help. I'll see if I can fly to get him and bring him back...he would be worth it!!

Love ya.,...hang in there!!

Kim said...

No comment!

Courtney said...

GIRL... I'll say a little prayer for you tonight. =)

Lori said...

Okay, that is the funniest thing I have ever seen! He is a little ball of fire. I think he is precious!!!

Mary @ The Writer's Block said...

LOL, Rachel. But also commiserating with you. Been there. Done that. :)

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