Thursday, June 19

10 minutes

This is what all William Isaac can get into in 10 minutes---this morning---just now. THIS is why I haven't blogged in 800 years. This is why you are going to find me in the looney bin VERY VERY soon, especially next week while my hubby is gone to Japan---for a WHOLE week. This is me trying to be very patient with my 27 month old son.

10 minutes---
I laid Alaina Claire down for her nap and she was good and asleep so I thought hmmmm I should put the clean sheets on our bed that have been sitting in that basket for about 6 days now yes that is a good idea. Laid her down, turned her aquarium on {which lasts for 10 minutes} and proceeded to strip the bed and begin to put clean mattress pad, sheets, pillowcases on pillows and even gather the dirty laundry in my room. 10 minutes it took me---why in the world did it take that long to do that you ask??? Well here is what craziness I dealt with all in the middle of that.

First it was "Mommy look what Will's doing" {If I had a nickel for every time I heard that in a day...} So I leave the room and go see "what Will's doing" He of course was in the office and had proceeded to take out every SLAH invitation in one pack--that would be 200, strow them all over the floor, then pull out all of the order forms I had so neatly placed already with catalogs ready to go to a party and then he found my chapstick I had hidden on the desk which is where he was when I walked in there looking up at me and saying "lips mommy? lips?" {this is what he calls chapstick--who knows} I let him have some lips, calmly led him to the playroom, he picked a book and was sitting there looking at it. SO I run back to what I was doing.

Next......."Mommy look what Will's got" ----oh great here we go. I come out of my room into the hall and he had pulled the "child proof" fastener which doesn't fasten so well anymore off of the refrigerator and had gotten out a lunchable {not bad couldn't hurt it} but as I walk into the kitchen he had pulled out all the applesauce with one open, the HOT sausage which he had tried to eat through you could tell AND a bag of breastmilk I had just pumped this morning for AC's cereal...yum! So as before I cleaned up and I took him to the toy room and he found his "truck" to play on and he was happy.

Lastly....."Mommy I think Will needs to go potty"----umm ok guess I should go see about that. Then here comes Will into my room with his diaper off saying "pee pee potty" so off we go. I sat him on the potty and realize his legs are already wet. I asked if he had already pee peed and he just pointed. {out of the bathroom} He didn't have to pee pee anymore so I cleaned him up washed his hands and then asked him where he had pee peed {as I walk through wet droplets leaving the bathroom} He takes me to the couch....oh yeah THE COUCH. Where he had undoubtedly sat, undone his diaper cuz being naked is so fun and peed and THEN thought maybe I should go to the potty. {YES out there we are working on potty training} So yet again I cleaned up the pee pee on the couch lovely, put a diaper back on my kid and went about my business while he ran off to play.

Good news is I only had a little left to do with what I had started and was able to finish and at least one of the chores I have on my list got done for the day even if it was only 10 minutes of my day. Who knows if anything else will get done?!

Now how was I able to blog about this you ask? Well said child is currently sitting in my lap writing on every piece of paper he can find on the desk including his belly and palm of his hand with a pen. That was his entertainment while I did this. Hope you to clean up pen marks......


Holly said...

Too funny Rachel. Glad to see you posting agin!

Lea Ann said...

This is so funny!

Anonymous said...

You need to write a book in your "spare time". This story is so funny and you know how to tell it so we can really picture it happening.


Kim said...

And what did you think would happen in those 10 minutes? hehe

Natalie said...

Seriously - 10 minutes. That's funny ~ you should start a column called "10 Minutes" and I bet you would have a story every day!!

Glad to see you back ~ we've missed you! How 'bout some pics of baby girl!?!?!!

Cassie Davis said...

I don't know how you do it!!! I just became a stay-at-home mom and I am about to go freakin nuts (and I only have 2...and they are older)! UUGGHHHH!!!!!

Anonymous said...

be home soon dear. miss and love you all. sitting at narita and waiting on our plane to arrive. we board in about 90 minutes. Ill text you when we arrive at chicago and clear customs. all my love, james

rickandjentrewplustwo said...

Hey Rachel,
I am new at this blogging thing but I will get some of my Maggie stories on here, and let's just say we hope these two don't meet, fall in love and have little Maggies and Wills!!!!!

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