Saturday, September 15

Look what I found mom!

Will decided to peruse the refrigerator this morning and here is what he found while I was tending to his brother. He totally seized the moment and what could I do? I had tried to feed it to him earlier to no avail, but he then decides a couple of hours later it might be yummy. So spoon and all was still in there sitting in the refrigerator and what could I say but "go for it!" and I'll snap a few pics cuz you do look pretty darn cute. See for yourself...

And just to make sure it's all gone, let me turn it up and see!
Next step--take off my shirt and lick the excess---oh yeah--yuuuummy!


Lea Ann said...

haha...too cute...He is getting so big!

Kim said...

Maybe now, you will start paying closer attention to those kidlets!! hahahaha - Yeah right - tending to Jake - heard it all - you were just laid up in the bed!! hahaha

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