Monday, October 20

Cool Tidbit from the weekend.....

I'll start with.....It's all in who ya know! Apparently I know the right people because I know HER and HER and lucky me they are two of my closest friends. Because of this friendship I got to be their moral support this past Sunday morning for breakfast at Cracker Barrel. Why is this important you ask?????

Well let me tell you.......because we got to meet The Nester and her sister Emily !!! WOW! I know right?? {now for those of you who don't blog you're going...what the heck?!} I would encourage you to go visit them if you haven't ever because they both have super cool blogs......very different but super cool nonetheless.

Me, M, Emily, the Nester, Kim

They were in town this past weekend for a Blog conference you can read about it HERE on the Nester's blog. Kim arranged breakfast for us the morning they were heading out of town. BOY am I glad I went. Those girls are awesome and we ALL had a blast. We talked like we had known each other for years and years. OF COURSE, I must put a disclaimer in here that if any of you know Kim Wheeler in person, it's REAL HARD not to talk to her like you have known her for years even if you just met......she is that kind of person. hee hee

So with lots of bacon to be had, grits overflowing, bloggy questions asked and answered, mommy questions answered and photos in front of the prison fence we had a blast!

Hopefully we can do it again soon, ladies!!

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Mommy said...

Soon...let's do it again soon...

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